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  1. Giant Antarctic ice shelf collapses
  2. a considerable presence within the scientific community of people who do not agree
  3. Would you want a Nuclear Power Plant in your back yard?
  4. Cooling = Warming????
  5. The next major energy source
  6. It's the end of the world.
  7. Why environmentalists will never get along.
  8. Collapse of all Commercially Exploited Fish by Mid-Century
  9. Science and Advocacy
  10. Immense Islands of Trash in the Oceans
  11. Al Gore: Earth's Interior 'Extremely Hot, Several Million Degrees'
  12. ACE held responsible for damages
  13. Hadley Institute Hacked
  14. Beijing’s air best in decade
  15. Alaska to get some NEW Drilling?
  16. East Antarctica now losing Ice
  17. Europeans disspaointed about Obamas climate policy
  18. Global Climate Data And Code
  19. Global Warming Criminals at WTO
  20. Copenhagen Conference Dead
  21. Phil Jones: He's Out of There!
  22. interesting graphic regarding CO2
  23. The Asian Carp Invasion
  24. No network coverage of "climate-gate"...
  25. Why Cap & Trade won't work
  26. The Mentality of Eco-Fanatics
  27. Planes, cars and limosine liberals
  28. Climate Denial Crock of The Week - CRU Hack
  29. In 1975 US government pushed 'the coming ice age'...
  30. The 'Danish text' - Or... Screw The Science It's All About the Money
  31. What can we learn from the Blizzards hitting Xinjiang and US
  32. Apparently we all need to be like China
  33. a new concern for Copenhagenites
  34. They call this a consensus?
  35. Copenhagen opens with short 'film'
  36. Climate Denial Crock of The Week - CRU Hack Part 2
  37. On the sidewalk with a supporter of AGW
  38. Guru Speaking out of Context
  39. 100 reasons AGW Does NOT Exist
  40. George Monbiot / Ian Plimer debate
  41. Climate summit's chief steps down
  42. Russia claims climate data tampered with, selective temp. stations used
  43. Some of the reasons I do not accept the theory of Anthropomorphic Global Warming and
  44. Copenhagen climate summit: 'meaningful agreement reached'
  45. for the sake of argument, lets say CO2 really is a problem
  46. Global Warming alarmists MUST be arrogant regardless of all else.
  47. dogs are killing the planet
  48. Global warming snake oil salesmen
  49. Report AGW federal funding fraud! Win valuable prizes!
  50. Cold and Snow VS Global Warming
  51. Global Warming Insanity
  52. Denialists guilty of press release science
  53. Sea Shepherd boat sunk
  54. Cold Snap Doesn't Disprove Global Warming
  55. Oh my god global cooling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  56. Oh my God global cooling!
  57. UK wind farms produced 'practically no electricity' during cold snap
  58. Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactors
  59. Enough already!
  60. Don't look but they are NOT melting as fast.
  61. More IPCC bs uncovered.
  62. From Nature: CO2-temperature feedback study suggests lower impact
  63. Climate-Gate the gift that keeps on giving
  64. US temp data and surface stations - a cooling bias
  65. algore's "concensus" grows. New support from world leader
  66. SEC to require climate-change disclosure
  67. PETA - Searching for a cause
  68. A step towards energy independence
  69. Asbestos anybody?
  70. Why I love environmental regulations.
  71. IPCC summary has "no scientific merit"
  72. Study- California's global warming bill (AB32) will cost state $182 billion/year
  73. An "Alber alert" has gone out for missing Al Gore lost in global warming BLIZZARD
  74. Who the F Cares....
  75. Climate Change Fun
  76. Phil Jones Admits AGW Is A Hoax
  77. Questions for the global warming believers
  78. Some Scientists Say the World May Not be Heating Up
  79. President Approves New Nuclear Power Plants
  80. Another Rat Leaving the Sinking Ship That is AGW
  81. Gorden Brown is a Socialist International Member?
  82. Boxer and EPA Chief Throw IPCC Under the Bus
  83. Atlantic Garbage Patch
  84. If you like graphs
  85. Couple kills themselves and one of their children over Global Warming
  86. More AGW 'anti-science'
  87. We had an earthquake in our area today!
  88. Methane Bubbles in Arctic...Let us Drill!
  89. VoteVets.org highlights difference between clean energy vs funding terrorism with oil
  90. X Box uses too much energy!
  91. Working Class Sacrifice: Government Class Exempt
  92. Ironic, isn't it??
  93. Drill, Drill, Drill...
  94. New emissions rules approved
  95. Guam in Danger !!!
  96. How about that volcano?
  97. Another blow to CO2 fear mongers.
  98. Scientist who worked on ozone issue admits much of the science behind it is bogus?
  99. After getting $16bn of our tax dollars...Chrysler loses a $billion 1st quarter.
  100. Happy Earth Day
  101. Earth Day Predictions-1970
  102. People Who Fight Back
  103. Environmentalism as Religion
  104. Cape Cod Wind Farm Approved~
  105. Coast Guard to try burning oil slick off Louisiana coast~
  106. Meatballs from Monkey Meat!
  107. Italy : Volcano endangers up to a million people, potentially
  108. Radioactive Paradise
  109. Economy: "Road to Recovery"
  110. Nashville Flood This Weekend~
  111. Sabbotage?
  112. What's worse that oil washing up on shore? Lawyers!
  113. Concord bans sale of bottled water
  114. Global Warming Alarm Based on Faulty Forecasting Procedures:
  115. Liberal Politics Before Science
  116. Couple of good wind vids from Peter Sinclair
  117. Dr. James Hansimian releases his 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Forcast
  118. Where is the outrage on oil crises.
  119. Law Makers Want to Take Over the Gulf Oil Spill!
  120. About the oil spill...........
  121. Oil Cleanup Workers Becoming Ill!
  122. Oil and mudbugs
  123. BP Protestors Swarm New Orelans!
  124. Is BP Confiscating Evidence?
  125. "Enraged" Obama takes action on the spill...
  126. Enviromentalist are to blame for the oil catastrophe
  127. Redneck Enviro cleanup solution
  128. Fine, lets get rid of oil
  129. Success? Oil being siphoned from the new cap to a ship
  130. Oil gusher in the Gulf still not fixed!
  131. Turkey of the Sea get himself harpooned on behalf of your dinner
  132. Oil Leak Cleanup Whiners
  133. Obama to Reopen Oil Drilling
  134. Oil spill pic's
  135. Senate vote to stop EPA from regulating greenhouse gases goes down
  136. Outer Continental Shelf Deepwater Royalty Relief Act
  137. Drill on land or shallow water
  138. Increasing Amount of Environmental Accidents Since Gulf Spill
  139. Consensus phony says insider.
  140. Collective Guilt
  141. America Falling Behind and Loosing In Alternative Energy Development
  142. Business - trust us, it's OK to store your waste in landfills
  143. Bush better on Katrina than 0bama on spill
  144. Steven Chu - Nobel Lauriate
  145. Arizona Spends $1.25M to Save 250 Squirrels
  146. Coast Guard: STOP SUCKING UP THE OIL!!!
  147. So what happened to all the Climate Change?
  148. A question for those who deny that global warming is caused by human activities
  149. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu in 2007: BP is Going to Help Us Save the World
  150. moratorium decison- Judges ruling included (text)
  151. Oil washing up on Pensacola Beaches
  152. Govt Blocking Media Access to Oil Spill
  153. The cost of gullibility.
  154. Poster mocks topless Judd for coal criticism
  155. Interesting Yvo de Boer quote on environment and saving the world
  156. Are you afraid of man-made global warming?
  157. AGW & National Security
  158. Breaking: BP says new cap has stopped oil flow into the Gulf
  159. Bilerbergers concerned about global cooling
  160. What if it had been American Petroleum in the North Sea?
  161. BP Alters Photo
  162. Why is next to nothing being done to prepare for peak oil?
  163. Natural Gas: Not So Clean
  164. Dam fails in eastern Iowa, causing massive flooding
  165. Did Obama just Exec Order in the UN's Law of the Sea Treaty?
  166. BP Tax Credit
  167. Is the cure worse than the disease? Did BP use excessive chemicals in the Gulf~
  168. History of Climate Alarmism
  169. Rhino butchered for her horn
  170. Republicans: Bicycles are an evil commie conspiracy... sort of
  171. When the world of wisdom speaks
  172. Niger
  173. Global Warming = less plant growth.
  174. Obama to the Enviro Fringe: Get Lost!
  175. Time to Boycott
  176. A challenge to Obama and the environmentalists...
  177. Because The Science Is Settled (Part XXIII)
  178. Wind Dies Down
  179. BP releases their version.
  180. So where is that AGW?
  181. White House Science Czar Says He Would Use ‘Free Market’ to ‘De-Develop the United St
  182. Global Warming and the Money Influence
  183. Study: Ground water extraction plays role in sea level increase
  184. Royal Society backs off
  185. No Pressure...
  186. What happened to the bees? It wasn't cell phones
  187. Physics Prof Resigns in Disgust
  188. Kiwigate
  189. US Almost Alone in GW Denial
  190. Hungarian Toxic Sludge Spill (and why we still need the EPA)
  191. Google Backs Wind Power Grid Backbone
  192. California's AB32 could possibly be used force us to pay money to foreign nations.
  193. Volcanos: Good News Everyone! Global Warming canceled for another year!
  194. "Curve fitting yielded nothing at all"
  195. Ways to Tell Global Warming Is A Hoax
  196. Geological Society issues Statement on Climate Change
  197. Global Warming yes or no, Gas is from Saudi Arabia & Venezuela so what should we do?
  198. Finally... The Real 'Reason' Behind AGW
  199. Judith Curry tells it as she sees it.
  200. Another scientist calls FRAUD
  201. Goodbye Tigers!
  202. What 300, 500, and 800PPM looks like.
  203. Pollution slowing global warming
  204. Ways to Tell Global Warming Denial is Irrational
  205. Peak Phospherous?
  206. What the hell is this???!!!
  207. 780 PPM CO2 no big deal.
  208. Arctic Ice Death Spiral
  209. Progress at Cancun
  210. Panel: Jindal Sand Berms complete waste
  211. US Navy on Board with Global Warming
  212. Congress Won't Do It, So Obama Goes Solo
  213. 31 climate scientists predict more cooling.
  214. Drudge report likes to parrot the cold spells we've been having but..
  215. Erin Brockovich was Wrong
  216. Words from Roy Spencer
  217. Dead birds, fish and what about HARRP conspiracy related? Maybe?
  218. Tampa Airport shut down & the dead birds-fish etc.=related issue?
  219. 2010 Tied for Warmest Year on Record
  220. Flood devastation in Australia
  221. Cosmic ray theory.
  222. Glaciers GROWING from global warming
  223. Were the Himalayas once 60,000 feet high
  224. Climate change not caused by GHGs
  225. "The Weather"...
  226. Now it's Global Weirding?
  227. Forget CO2 and a few degrees of warming.
  228. AGW consensus challenged.
  229. High Speed rail - the whole world has it, ... except the US
  230. $400 a Gallon Afghan Diesel Replaced by Heroin
  231. Long term effects of the BP spill
  232. Warmer and Wetter and Wilder
  233. The Dirty Energy Party
  234. Why are we letting environmentalists screw up the economy?
  235. The Great Climate E-mail "Hoax" Disproven...Again
  236. Schwarzenegger: It's Time to Terminate Skepticism on Climate Change
  237. Another CO2 induced fuzzy green economic blunder
  238. Killing ourselves.
  239. No energy problem,just leadership probem
  240. Cost according to EPA estimates.
  241. Germany's eco-trap
  242. What do you consider solar power?
  243. Global warming no threat to humanity.
  244. Mann is suing Tim Ball
  245. Hidden Cost of Coal = $345 Billion Per Year
  246. NewScientist: Wind and wave energies are not renewable after all
  247. This is what Shale gas does to our environment..
  248. What will happen to all those people?
  249. Drinkable water running low in Middle East
  250. BBC: Wind farms are much less efficient than claimed