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  1. Is this proof that Islam is a false religion?
  2. Why are Jews persecuted throughout history?
  3. What religion are you?
  4. The poetry of god
  5. Why do you obey the law?
  6. PETA Is Now, Officially, Nuts...
  7. what's difference among "Roman Catholicism" and "Protestant churchs","Judaism"?
  8. Price Gouging at Wally World
  9. Religion and Politics
  10. Jesus=Horus and/or others?
  11. UNESCO names Beirut World Book Capital City, uhm what?
  12. If it worked - would you be for socialism?
  13. Who would you want to meet?
  14. How come so few recognize the danger of Communism?
  15. God & Extraterrestrials
  16. Atheists say prayer makes them physically sick
  17. Explain Your Political Philosophy
  18. Are there any libertarian societies?
  19. And you thought witch burning was a thing of the past?
  20. Conservative
  21. Why do Christards maintain that state-sponsored fairness is unfair to them?
  22. Prisoner Heroes
  23. Relative to the rest of the West, why is the US so anti-science?
  24. Question to supporters of intellectual property.
  25. Why is it OK to discriminate against the majority?
  26. The God Claim
  27. Widespread, indefensible antipathy towards Atheists exists in the US
  28. Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum
  29. What Is The Purpose Behind Directed Evolution?
  30. Burden of proof 101
  31. Naval Academy Changed Color Guard to Appear More Diverse at World Series
  32. Purpose of government
  33. Health and safety snoops to enter family homes
  34. Why do many individuals say "America, love it or leave it" and variations thereof?
  35. Religious Freedom Group, GOP Seek Dismissal of Lawsuit Banning References to God at C
  36. The National Anthem
  37. Socialism and Freedom
  38. Pennsylvania Union Leader Criticized for Threatening Legal Action Over Boy Scout's Vo
  39. Thanksgiving How we came to celebrate it
  40. Powerful arguments against the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient deity
  41. Censorship question[sensitive issue}
  42. Does Zionism actively work to promote Jewish suffering in other countries?
  43. Habeas Corpus
  44. Do you support the troops?
  45. Secret Organizations and a Free Society
  46. if i swore you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?
  47. One of the most obnoxious dogmas of our age
  48. Are You Offended?
  49. Christians who oppose ESCR are the moral equivalent of Muslim suicide bombers
  50. Three Most Significant?
  51. Yang America Yin China
  52. Brit Hume Calls On Tiger Woods To Become A Christian
  53. Religious oppression of women
  54. Pat's deal with the Devil
  55. God Is Smart!
  56. Haiti, 9-11, charity in general, have one thing in common!
  57. UN medical team abandons critical patients
  58. Consider Doctors without borders for donations.
  59. Islam is a threat to the free world.
  60. Scientific Racialism
  61. The ignorance and hypocrisy of U.S. Christians
  62. Education? Brainwashing? Critical thinking?
  63. Howard Zinn Has Passed Away Yesterday
  64. What Works in Development?
  65. Air Force academy provides place for Pagan worship
  66. God and Science. Why is the sky blue?
  67. USA is number 1... Think again
  68. Black History Month - gimme a break
  69. Why America has lost its moral authority in the world.
  70. Who said this, and what does it mean?
  71. The term "God fearing man" is an absurd term.
  72. 3 Professors Are Killed in Alabama Over Tenure
  73. Wigga Please - “Black English.”
  74. NC Teacher Suspended - Hate Crime~
  75. Intelligent discussion~
  76. Rwanda's Genocide: The Untold Story
  77. White olympics for white people of the middle class
  78. What do you believe in? Aliens, spirits/ghosts, God.
  79. Gays oppressing Christians again!
  80. 'They Need to Be Liberated From Their God', son of Hamas leader
  81. A description of liberals which is right on point.
  82. Here is an example of Christian Dominionist bigotry and hypocrisy
  83. Comparing IQ scores across population segments?
  84. Another example of Catholic elite hypocrisy.
  85. The least religious state in the U.S. has the most permissive concealed carry laws
  86. Hide your wallet around liberals
  87. The Duggars...
  88. Just Following Orders?
  89. The socialist myth
  90. In which I skirt the new rule.
  91. Bigot in Congress wants the first weekend in May to be "Ten Commandments Weekend"
  92. Thought experiment to demonstrate how absurd and immoral the concept of hell is
  93. Listen to the Panther
  94. Valid stereotypes
  95. Good Friday Prayer in Vatican
  96. Sex Addiction?
  97. The dogmatic assertion "rape is not about sex, it is about power and control"
  98. Ethics vs Morality
  99. A Teacher's Prayer
  100. Clinton doesn't want tea partiers to engage in free speech
  101. Why are people so clannish about their politics?
  102. What limits are left?
  103. Institutionalized Hierarchies Suck, Reciprocity Rocks
  104. The American condition
  105. Are you anti-semitic?
  106. High court rules cross doesn't violate separation of church and state~
  107. If you're an Iranian woman, don't get a tan!
  108. Imagine there's no countries...
  109. Capitalism: A Simple Definition
  110. White kids excluded from blacks only school trip
  111. Sabotage and Justice
  112. Is The Golden Rule Too Radical?
  113. If pot were legal
  114. Aliens??
  115. Phelps got some competition...
  116. Is doing what you "want" to do the definition of "common sense?"
  117. Bloggers Oppose Ground Zero Mosque - Want Revision or Koran!
  118. Obama isn't the problem, his sheep are.
  119. The Ethics of Soldiering
  120. Pelosi: Religion Should Guide Public Policy
  121. Humanitarian Mission
  122. Church and State
  123. What do you think of a person who often ends their remarks with:
  124. Republican hypocrisy over drug use, marital infidelity, and male-male sodomy
  125. Wilber's quote in full context
  126. The Myth of Political Consent
  127. God
  128. Is Patriotism A Good Thing?
  129. Engines of Philosophy
  130. The Automaton: Why Religion is Dangerous
  131. Joel Osteen
  132. Politically Verboten Ethics
  133. Why we need the rich: A message to Americans and our leaders in Washington DC ...
  134. Why is it wrong to approve of an armed revolt?
  135. What Would You Rebel For?
  136. Does celibacy contribute to child abuse in USA?
  137. The Words We Use to Describe Our Religious Beliefs- and How Words Arn't Like Science
  138. What should Muslims do to effectively stomp out terrorist attacks?
  139. Why first world citizens do not owe the rich any gratitude
  140. When facts won't help you to change your mind
  141. North Korea: What a shinning example of socialism
  142. Devout Muslim+Kill Your Kid= No Jail Time In Canada
  143. What Religious Belief Do You Subscribe To?
  144. How Does Religious Affiliation Influence Your Choice?
  145. Statist Collectives vs Individual Liberty
  146. Party Affiliation And Gender
  147. Root Cause of All Human Conflict
  148. Those Crazy Californians!
  149. Let's talk about America's 'Daddy Issues'
  150. Discovering meaning of the life
  151. The level of respect for scientists in U.S. society
  152. Why Development Aid for Africa Has Failed
  153. Back to Basics - Absolute Truth
  154. International Burn a Quran Day~
  155. Two requests for a segment of the religious
  156. What do you prefer to happen to you when you die, Something or Nothing?
  157. Ethics and the Economy
  158. In the U.S., bigotry against atheists is stronger than bigotry against Muslims
  159. On Radicals and Moderates.........
  160. Jesus in urine
  161. Why Is the Death of Jesus So Significant?
  162. One to One Help
  163. Biblical Doctrine: The Trinity?
  164. An American History: Liberalism From Jefferson to Roosevelt
  165. What Is The Nature Of Our Awareness of Being?
  166. Who Knows Most About Religion?
  167. Individual Sovereignty: A Question of Ethics
  168. America's Political "House"
  169. Westboro Baptist Church at it again!
  170. Can Africans govern themselves?
  171. Is it a Constitutional violation?
  172. The Reality And Respect Of Boundaries
  173. Would this have been allowed in the US?
  174. Atlas Shrugged WTF????
  175. The Double Bind that is Islam!~
  176. Humanity on Trial
  177. UCLA: Where 'Queer Studies' and Middle East Studies Meet
  178. Social Programs In America, Where To Go From Here.
  179. As to God~
  180. Report on Libertopia 2010
  181. What Islam Is Not~
  182. Is Democracy Ethical?
  183. What Do Liberals and Conservatives Agree On?
  184. Evangelical Atheists
  185. So .. Where ARE All The Time Travelers? ... :ohmy:!
  186. A 'which came first the chicken or the egg' question~
  187. European Liberals vs American Liberals
  188. Pragmatic Liberalism
  189. Someone please tell me...........
  190. Separation of Economy and State
  191. The Golden (and other) Rules
  192. The age of the Earth.
  193. Ethics sans God
  194. Money: The Foundation of Moral Value
  195. How long, how long will we sing this song?
  196. Rosicrucianism~
  197. Ethics re: Gays in the Military
  198. At what point does the corruption begin?
  199. U.N. cites 'a slow but steady exodus' of Iraqi Christians
  200. Life's Origin & Cost to Sustain It
  201. America and Iraq
  202. Individualist Ethics
  203. Is the Catholic Church a threat to family values?
  204. Christianity: Dangerous to the planet?
  205. Palin's Hit List
  206. Your Top Political Influences
  207. Reality of sex
  208. Societal doublethink on mental health
  209. Conservatives and Liberals, ...a Breed Apart.
  210. Elected officials more ignorant than the public
  211. How do you see barrack hussein obamas appearance???
  212. Five Current American myths
  213. If I accept Jesus, Alah and Moses, is there any problem with it?
  214. You've come a long way baby!
  215. Is Life A Right?
  216. What are Rights?
  217. Internet Welfare
  218. Life Sucks!
  219. Should creating life in civilised world be a right or a privilege?
  220. Engineer and Author Refutes Evolution conclusively
  221. Shadow scholars
  222. Where do we want to go?
  223. Why do many people say that races' only physical difference is melanin content
  224. When is a country ready for Democracy?
  225. A Paradox.. Tree of knowledge.. What are your thoughts?
  226. Why are so many individuals so eager to label others in an attempt to discredit them?
  227. Why the Left Hates Sara Palin
  228. Religious extremeism in America.
  229. Military service = the best & only way to serve your country?
  230. Politics versus Ethics
  231. Federalism 101: Dividing Power
  232. Why liberals and the media love Sara Palin
  233. Godel, Escher and Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
  234. Religion, violence, Dawkins, and scientific materialism
  235. Mankind or Nation?
  236. Which Side Would Jesus Christ Take?
  237. Republican hypocrisy: the position that public sector unions are a societal scourge
  238. NEA Recommended Reading - Saul Alinsky
  239. In the year 2525, how many kinds of marriage will there be?
  240. Foreign Missions
  241. This is the real problem with gay marriages
  242. Freedom,, apparently worth fighting and dying for
  243. What if?
  244. Is there a correlation between the US and the Third World?
  245. USA: Good or Bad?
  246. A Nation of Desire...
  247. Our society's notion that wealth is available to anyone who plays his/her cards right
  248. The cowboy poetry festival
  249. Japanese Disaster and God's Role
  250. PC run amok: Miss Wallace threatened for her video