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  1. Ends and Means
  2. Redistribute GPA
  3. Abortion and Crime Rates
  4. 35 pct. of Americans believe race relations improved
  5. Mental Health Group Looks to Remove Stigma From Pedophilia
  6. Fear of vaccinations causing a measles resurgence
  7. Of Teachers, Teaching And Their Union
  8. Why are parents more overprotective than ever?
  9. Ailing Democracy
  10. The Effect of WikiLeaks
  11. Cooperative Federalism for the US?
  12. Today is Constitution Day
  13. Universal Healthcare and Red Tape
  14. Iranian Pastor Faces Execution for Refusing to Recant Christian Faith
  15. Left and Right Libertarians (of all stripes) ...
  16. Doubt: Freedom v _________
  17. Do Regulations Really Kill Jobs Overall? Not So Much
  18. First they came...
  19. Bush does something I can respect him for - Warrior Open
  20. Democratic Re-Distribution
  21. Anwar Al-Awlaki
  22. Fair and Balanced
  23. More evidence that America is sick
  24. 9 Types of Job that Will Destroy Your Soul Read more: 9 Types of Job that Will Destroy Yo
  25. To open the box or leave it
  26. The Point of History
  27. The Infantilization Of America
  28. party of lies and deception
  29. The 50 Companies That Run the World
  30. The Role of Violent Revolution
  31. Creationism Math
  32. Wealth and Responsibility
  33. Why do the religious fear death?
  34. Risk of eternal damnation is too profound to chance
  35. Statism versus Individualism; Is There a Middle Ground?
  36. Christians Continue Their War Against The Holidays
  37. Christopher Hitchens Has Met His God... Or Not.
  38. The Mayan Calendar - 366 Days To Poof!?!
  39. Enter the REAL bigots
  40. Do minorities have a monopoly on discrimination?
  41. Is Obama's church batshit crazy?
  42. What IS conservativism?
  43. Cybernetic Augmentation of the Human Body
  44. Should Government be for the people or for business?
  45. Beginning of the end of civil liberties?
  46. No Leaders to Follow
  47. California State Senator Proposes Funding Open-Source Textbooks
  48. Professors Leaning Left
  49. The Constitution is dead
  50. And the atheist movement begins...
  51. Vote!!!
  52. Judge Shows Obnoxious Atheist Who's Boss
  53. Does the practice of recognizing Religion in the Armed Forces violate our Constitution ?
  54. The Truth About Our Rights
  55. Joshua's Great Commission
  56. End of Civil Liberties and the Constitution
  57. in global sociality, how can we take the truth from someone else in different culture and
  58. A Story of Love, Good and Evil
  59. Today we honor a real hero...
  60. Stupidity of society and color of ones skin
  61. The Equal Employment Oportunity Commission EECO now protects transgenders and the like
  62. Will you / did you indoctrinate your children with your political beliefs?
  63. The left hides its Marxist ideology behind rhetoric and rationale
  64. China hits back on U.S. Human Rights
  65. DOMA Unconstitutional; 3 Judge panel
  66. Coming soon to NYC: ban on sodas larger than 16 oz.
  67. If Elected the GOP plans IMO to remove the following from the statue of Liberty
  68. Can Democrats And Liberals Be Racists?
  69. The True Meaning of Independence Day
  70. Bloomberg Doesnt Know the Purpose of Govt
  71. Consent under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
  72. Is the USA still viable as a coherent country?
  73. Obamacare violates 1st Amendment - give up your religion or sell your business
  74. Does life start at conception?
  75. Black Genocide
  76. For Conservatives, What is Freedom to You?
  77. Personhood
  78. Psuedo-scientific idiocy in the NYT
  79. For Those Who Blame the US for Muslim Radicals
  80. Christian God was married!
  81. What if Jesus Christ was a married man?
  82. A scientists gives comfort for the dying....
  83. Just because it is nice!
  84. This is sad, on many levels. Bullied to the point of suicide.
  85. Political Correctness and the death of humor
  86. Girl’s Hand Cut in Forced ‘Islamic Hand Sign’ Drill
  87. How Well We See Each Other, or Don't. The Righteous Mind -Why Good People Are Divided by P
  88. ID: religion, philosophy or science?
  89. Kids, meet Darwin the dog
  90. Acts of Faith
  91. Right and Wrong
  92. Why do atheist seem so sensitive?
  93. Is it any wonder ?
  94. The Kamikaze Drive To Displace The Family
  95. opinions please...
  96. philosophy of truth
  97. The celebration of the birth of Christ and Divine Liberalism
  98. When in US History did the expectation for family to care for family stop?
  99. Christians and taxes....
  100. Homosexuality and the Church...
  101. Harvard Delays "Jesus had a wife" papyrus
  102. I believe in disgenics and believe eugenics is the answer
  103. An interesting Conversation on Religion
  104. Where's the Outrage? The Moral Indignation?
  105. Praying versus acting
  106. Talk about tough management decisions...
  107. insult to jesus christ!
  108. The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness
  109. atheism and atheist
  110. Mississippi Bill could lead to prayer in school.
  111. Tell us, when will these things be?
  112. Insane Welfare - Here And There
  113. SNL : Jesus Skit..
  114. How old is the Earth?
  115. The next big "end of the world" prediction ... from 1139 A.D.
  116. White Smoke ... Catholics have a new Pope
  117. History's Channel The Bible beat out American Idol!
  118. Liberal Feminists Make Mind Alering Discovery
  119. URGENT: New Pope Francis and Pope-Emeritus Benedict may cooperate on crucial issues
  120. The Constitution Should Expire Every 19 Years
  121. "George Sanders 86 Year-Old Ariz. Man, Spared Prison In Wife's Mercy Killing"
  122. Pope Francis comes up short on sex abuse
  123. Has anything improved in the last 40 years?
  124. Political Correctness reaches new heights, or is it a low?
  125. Want to be a Police Officer? Don't bother if you are intelligent
  126. More Police State Actions.. Arizona Tea arrest
  127. At Least Some Women Have the Guts to Stand Up to Islam
  128. Pat Robertson is at it again... "He cheated on you. Well, he’s a man. OK."
  129. Christianity as US State Religion?
  130. Is All Life Sacred, or Just Human Life?
  131. The Importance of Lying
  132. Two kinds of morality
  133. Why do we have such a problem with Islam?
  134. Original Sin v Self Esteem Movement
  135. What Am I Leaving Out?
  136. New Pope - Sign of the times or just another "Liberal?"
  137. Mark of the Beast?
  138. Christian (absolute) essentials
  139. Evidence Supporting Prop 8 In California As Still Legal Becomes Undeniable
  140. Things that make you go "Hmmmmm"
  141. The Glory of Man: Conqueror Toolmaker & Trader
  142. Syria and O.T. prophesy...and congress
  143. Moral Law & The Law of the Jungle
  144. Our two worlds, spiritual and material
  145. Richard Dawkins theory on...
  146. Saudi Princess allowed to keep slave in California
  147. General Welfare "Clause"
  148. pathological hate
  149. ACA should have been read...
  150. The Freedom Cards
  151. What Is Or Isn't Charity?
  152. Who Knows Best?
  153. Olivet Michigan, a case of good sportmanship
  154. Science and religion reconciliation
  155. The Tale Of Linda
  156. Science and theology
  157. Pope... "I'm not a Marxist."
  158. One third of Americans don't believe in Evolution
  159. Notable Passings for 2014
  160. One Perspective on the beginning of the end
  161. A must view for the non baby boomers here...
  162. Catholic publishing house: atheism has irrational elements
  163. Womans dies because Muslim had to pray
  164. What does God think about Crime & Punishment
  165. Science, religion, Richard Dawkins comes to call..
  166. It is Well With My Soul - Horatio Spafford
  167. What do the logical positivists, the materialists, the atheists say about this???
  168. The Transhumanist Movement
  169. Intolerance
  170. House Republicans unveil Alternative to Obamacare
  171. "To Impress The Thoughtless"
  172. Christians are world's most oppressed group
  173. Reality show snake-handling preacher dies...
  174. Micro-aggression the latest buzz to create victims
  175. "IF I were the Devil," by Paul Harvey, 1965
  176. America, not the greatest nation...
  177. The better side of human nature
  178. Why do Christians Care if the movie sticks to the message?
  179. "Let’s Give Up On Academic Freedom In Favor Of Justice"
  180. Axioms That Require Questioning
  181. Keeping Them On The Plantation
  182. In The Year 2525... Today...
  183. Gulliver's Travels Redux
  184. A Gross Violation of the 1st Amendment: "Church Or Jail"
  185. KKK not racist; just a Christian organisation
  186. The Nation And Our Constitution
  187. Heaven is Real ... but did they really SEE IT?
  188. Teacher Punished For Teaching Science...
  189. Ideology, System-Justifying Worldviews, Uncertainty, & the Tolerance of Ambiguity
  190. South Carolina mayor sacks police chief, says drunks are safer around kids than gays
  191. Fox news and Atheism.
  192. New Testament...Jefferson's dunghill...
  193. Atheism television
  194. For Those Interested in a More Balanced Perspective
  195. The Parable of the Rich Fool
  196. Welcome to the death of civilized political discourse
  197. In Praise of “Bad Attitudes”
  198. Illusions that lead to an Affair
  199. Want to go to Heaven?
  200. Science is no longer objectionable to God's existence...
  201. Those that believe in an angry God more likely to be mentally ill...
  202. A balance of socialism and capitalism
  203. extracts from a theological presentation
  204. Changing British Fashion
  205. Is America finished?
  206. God's Commandments are ...
  207. All forms of division mean advocation of violence?