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  1. CHICAGO (AP) - Health insurance premiums for young adults are expected to rise about
  2. So now it's a tax
  3. To conservatives, So what WAS (is) your Health Plan
  4. Obama care bad for bussiness.
  5. Wacky comical video going around over health care bill--LOL
  6. Video is PROOF that no racial comments were made.
  7. Cell phones vs the healthcare law
  8. Voted for Obama? Get another doctor!
  9. Is everyone aware of the penalty?
  10. At least in Cal , health care reform is supported.
  11. Obama's 17 minute 12 second answer that really wasn't an answer--LOL
  12. HC bill authorizes a national "ready reserve" corps for national emergencies
  13. Illinois democrat Phil Hare says he doesn't care about the U.S. Constitution
  14. Scammers are cashing in on the new healthcare law
  15. Where Be All That Free Obamacare?
  16. Massachusetts Insurance Blackout-Insurers on strike, refuse to write policies
  17. Do you currently have at least minimal health insurance?
  18. Well, The health care system, how???
  19. My doctor no longer takes insurance payments thank you Mr. Obama
  20. Defund Obamacare
  21. REPORT: Hospitals Cancelled Due to New Health Law...
  22. U.S. Faces Shortage of Doctors
  23. So, I just got out of the hospital......
  24. Report: Health overhaul will increase nation's tab
  25. sarah Palin Was Right - Death Panels
  26. Doctor shortage? 28 states may expand nurses' role~
  27. Choice in health care
  28. So Much For Keeping Your Health Care Plan
  29. Heart valve replacement under Obama care
  30. Potential cure for cancer is not funded by big pharma!
  31. CBO says Health Care will cost 115 billion more
  32. Cost Implications of Health Care Reform
  33. Doctors & Insurers Bracing for Obamacare's Impact
  34. Doctors Flee Medicare
  35. 63% Favor Repeal of National Health Care Plan
  36. Oh Canada! We Can't Afford State Funded Health Care
  37. Health law could ban low-cost plans
  38. No joke... Executive Order passed to address "lifestyle behavior modification"
  39. Health overhaul may mean longer ER waits, crowding
  40. And so it begins ...
  41. First part of Healthcare reform becomming active...serious problem already.
  42. Liberals have found a new way to pay for health care, and its NOT taxes!
  43. How the nation feels about HCR
  44. Sick Around the World!
  45. ObamaCare Will Destroy White Castle
  46. Obama Administration Approves First Direct Taxpayer Funding of Abortion
  47. Docotors announced today that Dick Cheney has no pulse.
  48. Britain Plans to Decentralize National Health Care
  49. Proposition C
  50. how American dream has become a nightmare
  51. The monstrosity that is Obama Care
  52. ObamaCare: The sum of all fears
  53. Here we go with liberal 60 min on the cost of treating dying peaple
  54. Is This the Health Care Reform That you Wanted? (Part I)
  55. Sally c. Pipes: "The myth of free care"
  56. Our tax dollars at work and now healthcare
  57. The End of Healthcare in America.
  58. Insurers stop writing "child-only" policies as new regulations take effect
  59. Heath Care Law: 6 Months In, It's Worse Than We Thought
  60. What do people without insurance do when they want to have a baby?
  61. No time to read the new health care law?
  62. GOP to 9/11 Responders - too bad for you
  63. McDonald's May Drop Health Plan
  64. Will Republicans even try...
  65. CDC Warning: Binge Drinking is bad
  66. McDonald's, 29 other firms get health care coverage waivers
  67. Republicans will have Democratic help in repeal effort
  68. Obamacare designed to undermine employee coverage?
  69. Grim Diagnosis
  70. What the "Affordable Care Act" did for me
  71. the Republican's "major solution?" not working
  72. AARP unveils their new ACA rates!
  73. Health Care law waivers
  74. My prices for health care just went up...
  75. Are people who insist on company sponsored health care as a benefit........?
  76. "1 in 5 Americans"
  77. Liberalism's Final Solution
  78. What the "Affordable Care Act" did for SEIU
  79. The divergent goals of health care reform
  80. Bring Out Your Dead!
  81. Andy Griffith lies about Medicare on behalf of Barack Obama, costing US taxpayers
  82. Indiana baby denied life-saving treatment
  83. 9/11 Workers Health Bill Blocked In Senate
  84. Individual mandate is unconstitutional...
  85. Arizona (Do we really need them) ?
  86. Nutrition Bill is Unconstitutional Too
  87. PolitiFact's "Lie of the Year"
  88. You'll Repeal HC Reform Over My Dead Body
  89. Almost 3 years od bullshit since 2008
  90. The healthcare law will be defunded
  91. Nutrition information at CA chain restaurants
  92. Obamacare Halts Building of Doctor Owned Hospitals.
  93. Is Healthcare a Right?
  94. CBO scores a repeal of healthcare bill
  95. Does Your Congressman Care Whether You Live or Die?
  96. Death Panels in Arizona? Is "Obamacare" to blame- or "Brewercare"?
  97. CBO Memo - Repealing ObamaCare Would Reduce Net Spending by $540 Billion
  98. Say Goodbye To Your Doctor
  99. Looking back on 'the Health Careless' Bill
  100. Few Support Total Repeal - Most Want Current or Stronger Reform
  101. Small Businesses are Offering More Health Benefits to More Workers
  102. Poll: How would we vote on repealing health care?
  103. CNBC: 65% of doctors say healthcare quality will deterioriate under reform
  104. Baby Yoga?
  105. Paul Ryan, ObamaCare, and Numbers that Exist in Nature...
  106. Idaho GOP gets ready to nullify health care reform
  107. Does anyone have truthful references to the junk in the health care Bill???
  108. How to handle the "opt out?"
  109. Do Smokers Cost Society Money?
  110. Healthcare Costs vs National Deficit
  111. Federal Government To Develop Its Own Drugs
  112. How can health care cost Americans/government?
  113. Medicare official doubts health care law savings
  114. Maxine on health care reform!
  115. An idea for medical insurance
  116. Governors propose broad Medicaid cuts
  117. The Greatest Health Plan Of All Time - Except Everyone Wants Out
  118. Florida Judge Rules ObamaCare Unconstitutional
  119. House Republicans drop controversial 'forcible rape' language
  120. Not many House Republicans rejecting health benefits
  121. Seriously, where is the money going?!
  122. The Skin Gun
  123. Health-related money continues to flow to members of Congress
  124. CBO Director Says Obamacare Would Reduce Employment by 800,000 Workers
  125. GOPers Think Twice About Repeal
  126. Horrific Bill Takes the GOP's War on Women to New Extreme
  127. No Repeal
  128. Question for those opposed to the mandate
  129. Health Insurance Industry’s Vendetta Against Michael Moore
  130. "Government health care will cost us too much" is a myth
  131. Even Beiber knows Canada's health care system is better
  132. Doctors order tests out of fear of lawsuits
  133. Medicare Fraud
  134. News You Won't Find in the "Liberal Media"
  135. Canadian court orders infant removed from life support
  136. Help Save Courtney Parham From a Real Death Panel
  137. Interesting international health care system comparisons
  138. More Proof Of ACA Failure
  139. What if it plain just doesn't work?
  140. America. The Best Health Care System in the World! NOT!
  141. DOJ loses gamble with US District Judge on Health Care Ruling
  142. Health Care Reform is Law of the Land, Per Florida Judge--Yes, That One
  143. Our First Death Panel
  144. Exaggerated Costs of Pharmaceutical R&D
  145. Absolute utter failure of GOP on healthcare
  146. Japanese radiation dangers question
  147. Conyers Admits ObamaCare A Platform for Socialized Health Care
  148. Hospital refuses to hire smokers
  149. Go away and die! - the future of Obamacare
  150. By hook or by crook...
  151. Rick Scott's Medicaid Overhaul to Benefit…Rick Scott?
  152. Why health care cost growth may not kill us
  153. Support for zer0care drops to new low
  154. Supreme's to consider zer0care
  155. Science proves liberalism is a birth defect
  156. GOP Reps Host Town Halls, Get Yelled At Over Ryan Vote
  157. Vermont heads towards Single Payer
  158. Liberal lies on Medicare/Medicaid and SS cuts.
  159. Cannabis shrinks cancerous tumors?
  160. Let's test America's charity
  161. The Ryan plan vs zer0care. Wa-Po tells the truth
  162. Common Myths Why Health Care in America is so $$$
  163. A permanent health care compromise
  164. Rand Paul: Right to Health Care is Slavery
  165. Uh-bamacare is so good that...
  166. Ronald McDonald being blamed for child obesity?
  167. Cancer cure? No profit. No way.
  168. GOP Promise to Elderly is Not True
  169. Paul Ryan - Calling the Kettle Black
  170. "Medicare is in danger of bankruptcy as early as 1986"
  171. Drug shortages
  172. How liberals are misleading on Medicare
  173. 78 million Americans Will Be Screwed By Obamacare
  174. An alternative cancer risk
  175. AARP Agrees to cuts in Medicare
  176. A Twist In Obama's Health Care Law
  177. Obamacare
  178. NCI: Hash oil shrinks tumors in lab rats
  179. Cannabis 101:
  180. Obama's war on asthmatics
  181. "Diet" soda bad too...
  182. Federal Govt Rules Marijuana has no Medical Purpose
  183. 5 pro-marijuana arguments that aren't helping
  184. Rick Perry Threatens to Veto Health Insurance Exchanges
  185. FAA "funding" foreshadows future in healthcare
  186. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Against Obama Healthcare Law
  187. Flu Vaccination Scam?
  188. U.S. Scrambling to Ease Shortage of Vital Medicine
  189. Uninsured Have Increased Under Obama and Since Obamacare Was Enacted
  190. How to bring health care costs down?
  191. How health care costs are being brought down
  192. HPV vaccine causes deaths, retardation, and poisoning.
  193. How much profit do Health Insurance Companies make on the policies they sell?
  194. Wealthy Americans Turning To Europe For Medical Treatment
  195. Now the government wants all our personal information
  196. Latest CBO Report: Obamacare Would Cost Over $2 Trillion!
  197. Obamacare Fails - Terminates Own Program
  198. The Failure of Health Care Reform: An Insider's View
  199. Health Care Reform? reform this............
  200. What should State sponsored medical care cover?
  201. Socialized Medicine in Costa Rica
  202. Court Rules Health Law Is Constitutional .
  203. SCOTUS will decide healthcare law
  204. Now This is Real Health Care!
  205. Guaranteed Healthcare Access Plan
  206. Ryan-Wyden Heathcare Plan
  207. Conservative blue dogs that killed public option leaked info to hedge funds
  208. Should the Government Provide Free Universal Health Care for All Americans?
  209. Obama's Healthcare
  210. Why Did Conservatives Originally Propose a Mandate?
  211. Pirates and Health Care
  212. To Birth-Control or Not to Birth-Control
  213. New cystic fibrosis drug approved
  214. Should we let people die in the street
  215. Affordable Care Act saving taxpayer money at record pace
  216. Mars, Inc. is downsizing chocolate bars!
  217. Vote!!!
  218. Boundaries and Capitalism
  219. Moving away from Employer provided Health Coverage
  220. 7 accused of bilking $375M from Medicare, Medicaid
  221. The use of the word "affordable" in the ACA is a joke
  222. Being too antiseptic in our lives leads to sicker people
  223. Healthier School Lunches To Include Pink Slime
  224. CBO nearly doubles obamacare estimate
  225. Should birth control be covered by health care?
  226. Republicans: Doctors Must Ignore Science and Lie to Their Patients...Or Else!
  227. Justice Kagan's Contitutional Analysis
  228. This can't possibly end well..
  229. 46% in Massachusetts Want Supreme Court to Overturn Health Care Law
  230. Again it seem Obama threatens Medicare over Obamacare
  231. The War on Women continues
  232. The Real Reason to Fear Obamacare
  233. Dumb fat slobs
  234. The US Chamber and Healthcare Reform - Misleading Ads Cloud the Debate
  235. Forming a solid opinion about this issue
  236. Medical Fee Splitting Texas
  237. Notice From My Doctor
  238. Health care Facts not opinion.
  239. SCOTUS decision in ACA case - ALL DISCUSSION HERE
  240. Why the mandate was valid under taxing power (edited from opinion 3 pages)
  241. Conservative Lie: Access to Hospitals is Same as Health Insurance
  242. New poll 2012: most Americans see Obamacare as negative force on economy
  243. By any other name ...
  244. Two Birds, One Stone
  245. Why Obamacare Is Already Good For America
  246. Another Hidden Benefit of Obamacare for Democrats Prominent Doners
  247. If You Are A Senior With A Mediare Advantage Plan
  248. The Costs Are Starting
  249. DOJ to Colorado Family: Give Up Your Religion or Your Business
  250. I Will Not Raise Taxes on ...............