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  1. Mexican border a new answer for anit-gun America
  2. Should we require 'language passports' to enter the US?
  3. How illegal is it?
  4. Canadian Border Security...
  5. Arizona bill to outlaw illegals
  6. Arizona congressman proposes boycott of his own state
  7. When is English necessary
  8. Mexico and illegals
  9. Immigration Law--my experience
  10. Interesting piece on the new Arizona law
  11. National ID card
  12. Arizona deputy shot by suspected illegal
  13. Sent home from school for wearing the American flag?!?!? WTF?
  14. Arizona Governor's TV ad on the new law
  15. Immigration reform that liberal democrats agree on--LOL--This picture says it all.
  16. Arizona law threatens ethnic studies courses tailored to immigrants' children~
  17. Driving without a license? Illegals do it every day!
  18. The simplest of all solutions to the illegal alien situation.
  19. obama's illegal alien aunt gets amnesty
  20. napolitano hasn't read the AZ bill either
  21. LA's boycott resolution sparks a threat over power the city receives from Arizona
  22. California Penal Code 843b regarding illegals
  23. Mexican President Blasts Arizona Immigration Law
  24. Insanity Rules
  25. AZ Governor speaks out in strong words.
  26. Mother of Girl who Questioned Michelle Obama on Immigration Won't be Deported
  27. Princeton handing out free instant deportation coupons
  28. Illegal Aliens Pay Taxes???
  29. Governor Brewer Strikes Back...
  30. Obama Sending Troops to the Border
  31. Justice officials meet with Arizona officials on immigration law~
  32. Singing God Bless America? not mexicans
  33. Jan Brewer Governor of AZ rebuffed by WH
  34. Testimony to Congress by border rancher
  35. Administration attempting to reduce penalty for hiring illegals
  36. Massachusetts New Immigration Law
  37. Psst. Over here, kid.
  38. US-Canada border issues
  39. Mexico asks for probe into teen's shooting death by U.S. border agent~
  40. The Mexican Women
  41. Spill puts Immigration reform on back burner?
  42. A Question Regarding Our Immigration Policy...
  43. NAFTA visa
  44. Parts of Arizona ceded to Mexican thugs
  45. AZ to deny BCs to US born children of illegals?
  46. Hillary: Obama will sue to block Az
  47. Obama Labor Chief: Illegals Have a Right to Fair Wages
  48. Should being born in a country entitle one to citizenship?
  49. Los Angeles City Council - Hypocrites...
  50. Federal Agencies Boycott Arizona
  51. Milwaukee County Supervisor Opposes AZ Immigration Bill
  52. Obama picks 'Sanctuary City' proponent for ICE position
  53. Gov. Brewer says we're sending 2x the money to Mexico than for border control.
  54. Democrat Intelligence - A Contradiction In Terms...
  55. Barack "Bipartisan" Obama
  56. Arizona Candidate: cut off power to illegal immigrants
  57. White House taking AZ to court over immigration law
  58. Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year
  59. Will the administration bring suit against San Fransisco and othe cities?
  60. Class action lawsuit?????
  61. No reason to sue so-called sanctuary cities
  62. Immigrant deaths in AZ desert soaring in July
  63. Deportations Up 10% Under Obama
  64. Arizona court ruling predictions
  65. Judicial gymnastics and the SB 1070 ruling
  66. Immigration protesters try to close Tucson freeway with tar, tires
  67. Amnesty for illegals
  68. Immigration protest in AZ - can they really think this *helps* their case?
  69. US Attorney's Annual Report notes increase in border violence
  70. ICE Union vote of No Confidence in director
  71. Pro-Illegal-Immigrant Race-Baiters Exposed
  72. Reid Opposed Birthright Citizenship In 1993.
  73. Short form birth cert not good enough
  74. Obamas back door amnesty
  75. Research Shows Hiring of Immigrant Workers Triggers Economic Benefits
  76. Chain immigration
  77. U.S. shifts approach to deporting illegal immigrants
  78. Now this is the kind immigrant I'm talking about
  79. Harry Reid wants amend defense bill to grant amnesty to illegals
  80. Powell says illegal immigrants do his home repairs
  81. Mexico to build wall on southern border
  82. Obama's Aunt gives attitude at TV interview
  83. Merkel and "Multikulti"
  84. US senate candidate lauds Eastern Germanys Berlin wall
  85. Illegal Immigrants Campaigning for Democrats
  86. Greece : Armed EU guards against illegals
  87. AZ immigration law = $ for private prisons
  88. Tipping point passed for border security
  89. The Dream Act
  90. CA New AZ-Initiative To Fight Illegal Immigration
  91. Well, ya know those record Deportations?? Fuzzy math it seems..
  92. Meanwhile, down on the border....
  93. Mexican Drone Crashes into El Paso neighborhood
  94. How's this for immigration policy?
  95. Let's just liberate other countries and dictate who can migrate to USA?
  96. Is Lowes going to hire illegals?
  97. Gingrich vs. Howard Dean
  98. The Blue Eyed Brothers... And Immigration
  99. CA Cities Crack Down On Job-Stealing Illegals
  100. AZ Bill to ban public benefits to illegals approved
  101. Bring BEANBAGS to a GUNFIGHT...
  102. And you think the U.S. has a problem with immigration?
  103. Wrong Side Of The Fence - Welcome to Mexico
  104. Immigration from Mexico drops precipitously
  105. Maternity tourists: The new immigration scourge
  106. B.P. ordered: don't arrest, turn back south
  107. McCain pushes heavier U.S. involvement in Libya
  108. Genius
  109. Proposal for new Passport Application
  110. Obama Focuses on Jobs...errr...Immigration
  111. DREAM act re-introduced
  112. Finally! A immigration law that makes sense.
  113. Umm DNC chairman think ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is not a CRIME??
  114. Correlation or Not ?
  115. Bloomberg says immigration laws suicide
  116. Obama stops deportation of illegals
  117. The Internationalizatioin of American Sports, Sadly
  118. Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle
  119. Who will fill the new jobs Obama promises ?
  120. Hispanic Culture Should Be Invisible in the United States.
  121. Hispanic Students Vanishing From Alabama Schools
  122. Poor farmers can't find workers in Alabama...
  123. Buy a Home, get a Visa
  124. Ban All Americans From Leaving The US
  125. Deported "American" brought back from Columbia
  126. On Self-Deportation: Satire Becomes Reality
  127. Vote!!!
  128. Firefighters forced to check immigration status
  129. Is the tide turning?
  130. Rubio's immigration push
  131. The After Effects of SB1070 on Illegal Immigration
  132. The no B.S. solution to Illegal immigration.
  133. Facebook's Saverin...'American Hero' or Scumbag?
  134. Actual Common Sense no-BS immigration Reform
  135. White House Granting Amnesty to Young Illegals
  136. SCOTUS decision in AZ SB1070 case
  137. Border Insecurity Personnel
  138. Remember this the next time the Mexican government starts preaching
  139. Dreamers
  140. Immigrants Protesting word "Illegal" rather be called "undocumented"
  141. Whitehouse Policy Encouraging Fraud
  142. From The People Living It.
  143. Obama's amnesty plan
  144. If We Can't Meet the Standard, We Change the Standard
  145. Reducing illegal entry into the USA.
  146. Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill
  147. Paradigm Shift
  148. How do Illegal Immigrants impact you (or do they)?
  149. A Dismal record of "Removals" by I.C.E.
  150. Illegal immigration is not just a US problem