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  5. Hispanic Culture Should Be Invisible in the United States.
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  9. Ban All Americans From Leaving The US
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  20. White House Granting Amnesty to Young Illegals
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  22. Border Insecurity Personnel
  23. Remember this the next time the Mexican government starts preaching
  24. Dreamers
  25. Immigrants Protesting word "Illegal" rather be called "undocumented"
  26. Whitehouse Policy Encouraging Fraud
  27. From The People Living It.
  28. Obama's amnesty plan
  29. If We Can't Meet the Standard, We Change the Standard
  30. Reducing illegal entry into the USA.
  31. Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill
  32. Paradigm Shift
  33. How do Illegal Immigrants impact you (or do they)?
  34. A Dismal record of "Removals" by I.C.E.
  35. Illegal immigration is not just a US problem