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  1. Somali Pirates now have a Liquid Natural Gas Tanker... a poor mans nuke
  2. Obama Needs to Wake up on Border Security
  3. Mother asks, 'Where was the Army?'
  4. Tariq Aziz sentenced to death
  5. Pentagon has no idea who launched missile
  6. No charges in destruction of CIA interrogation tapes
  7. America's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Revolution
  8. Veterans Day !
  9. Where will WW3 start?
  10. Nicaraguan troops cross San Juan River, plot new canal with Iran, Venezuela
  11. 1 of you computer Geeks answer this? How do cell phones set off bombs?
  12. What are you doing?
  13. North Korea attacks South Korea
  14. The Left, supportive of Obama TSA, opposed all anti-terror measures under Bush
  15. START Treaty & Reagan "Trust But Verify" Legacy In Perile
  16. Hezbollah terrorists entering US through Mexican border; Obama Administration ignores
  17. Manning may have leaked classified info out of anger at US military’s gay policy
  18. Stuxnet
  19. Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano wants to set free Oregon Christmas tree bomber
  20. Democrat Jim Moran says US military cannot win the war in Afghanistan
  21. Pew Poll: Majority of Muslims supports death for anyone leaving Islam
  22. Obama orders....Kill this man !
  23. Mohammed Hussain Charged With
  24. Iranian missiles in Venezuela??
  25. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters declares that Julian Assange should be killed
  26. Tomorrow
  27. Is Wikileaks culpable?
  28. Incompetence exposed . . .
  29. Muslims are good people BULLSHIT!
  30. Lack of Iraq/Afghanistan Coverage
  31. 21 people killed in church bombinb in Egypt!
  32. North Korea pronounced the annihilation of the US-presence in South Korea
  33. Project Bluebeam~deception~holograms~religious symbols in the sky..etc.???
  34. What "free" govt services and cheap toys buy you: The Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter
  35. What do you think about Iran being literaly in the middle of Iraq and Afghanistan?
  36. Are they ever going to get over the Allah-damned cartoons (New Year's Edition)?
  37. Did the MSM not report that the wikileaks cables show we found WMD in Iraq?
  38. Breaking: Explosion at Moscow airport
  39. Terror bombing at Moscow airport
  40. This is how you fight the war on terrorism
  41. A new wrinkle - Egypt
  42. Egypt Protests Map
  43. Unconditional Surrender & Civilian Casualites
  44. The US cannot be defeated militarily, only economically
  45. The Ethics of Wartime Killing.
  46. WTF is going on in America - many people don't even know about WTC7
  47. The Farce in Egypt-Will it work ?
  48. Will all US Forces leave Iraq at the end of 2011?
  49. Is US attempt to stir unrest in Iran again a flop?
  50. Richard Winters dies
  51. Is the US losing the cold war?
  52. Hypothetical question about USA military's capabilities
  53. The EU shares a landmass with Russia and China; its total military budget is << ours
  54. Suspect charged in bombing plot
  55. Protests Spread to Iraq
  56. Google Exec in Egypt not allowed to speak...
  57. Good News From Afghanistan
  58. Those serving America - watch what you serve!!!!!!
  59. Gahdahffey, Obama, and Bush
  60. 'Guantanamo North': Inside Secretive U.S. Prisons
  61. The Radicalization of Osama bin Laden and the Recent Revolutions
  62. Colonialism Reinvigorated
  63. Obama restarts Guantanamo trials
  64. Afghan women soar to new heights
  65. Army disciplines 9 for not flagging Fort Hood suspect
  66. Taliban is losing its advantage in Afghanistan
  67. What do we do IF Gadhafi Wins ?
  68. Mothers of the War on Terror~
  69. War dead town of Wootton Bassett to be given 'Royal' prefix in rare honour by Queen
  70. Afghanistan-Time to Get OUT
  71. UN Votes No Fly in Libya
  72. Obama preached Change.. yes, change of his personal views.
  73. Historical precedent for strategy in Libya?
  74. U.S. Plane Down
  75. U.S. rescue chopper shoots six Libyan villagers as they welcome pilots of downed jet
  76. Jerusalem bus bomb
  77. German forces pull out of Mediterranean
  78. Obama: "No Ground Troops" Marines: "We're Going To Libya"
  79. Al Qaida commander backs Libyan rebels in message
  80. Why isn't the UN protecting the people of Yemen too?
  81. North Korea threatens the South with casualties
  82. Is Libya bombing civilians?
  83. What happens in Libya when it becomes civilian against civilian
  84. Murders in Afganistan will now become NEWS..
  85. Blue Star dad schools LeBron James
  86. Obama in 2002: Toppling Brutal Dictator a ‘Dumb War’
  87. At least 40 civilians dead in Tripoli strikes: Vatican official
  88. Obama Reinstates Military Draft
  89. Let's arm Libya, then dodge our own bullets
  90. Could Libya become another Iraq?
  91. Gadaffi gave an Interview
  92. Tennesee Pastor Kills UN Workers in Afghanistan
  93. The principle of "Unclean Hands"
  94. Hillary Clinton Calls For Regime Change In Libya
  95. Why is mention of absurdly wasteful military spending left out of budget debates?
  96. Crazy South Korean psychologic warfare
  97. How the military should be cut
  98. 13 rebel fighters were killed and dozens wounded in an UN/US airstrike...
  99. Pakistan Tells U.S. to Halt Drones...
  100. Free market uprising?
  101. Who are we backing in Libya?
  102. Military Spending & The New Corporate World Order
  103. Where Did All the Anti-War Protestors Go?
  104. 2nd Major Prison Break In Afghanistan In 3 Years
  105. Thailand and Cambodia at war
  106. Experimenting with foreign intervention
  107. Whose kids would Alfred Nobel bomb?
  108. Quaddafy's son may have been killed in NATO air strike on military building
  109. Post-Osama US/Pakistan relations
  110. After Death of USB--do we fear another leader? NO
  111. Poll: Release the Picture of Osama Dead or not?
  112. Afghanistan: Mission Accomplished?
  113. Confirmed By Leon Panetta - OBL "Kill Order" and Water Boarding Worked
  114. Well, do these bin Laden photos match?
  115. Should we de-friend Pakistan?
  116. Al Qaeda confirms bin Laden death and vows revenge
  117. US never tried to arrest Bin Laden?
  118. President Obama's Libya Intervention Hits 60-Day Legal Limit
  119. Who pounds the drums of war most ?
  120. US-Taliban talks under german mediation
  121. Former GA Rep Cynthia McKinney giving aid and comfort to Gadhafi
  122. Compromise the Likud Party way
  123. Post traumatic stress disease
  124. Memorial Day 2011
  125. Steeper Pullout Is Raised as Option for Afghanistan
  126. Gaddafi's daughter sues over deadly Nato air strike
  127. Secret US and Afghanistan Talks Could See Troops Stay for Decades
  128. Bi-Partisan Congressman Sue Obama over Libya
  129. 243 Deaths in Afghanistan This Year
  130. CIA to take over drones in Yemen
  131. I have an idea - GET OUT
  132. Germanys defies US pressure to get involved in Libya
  133. Obama's Afghanistan Bind
  134. Bombing Ourselves
  135. Why do troop levels matter?
  136. British soldier kidnapped and executed by Taliban
  137. Canada Pulls Out of Afghanistan
  138. If wars are unconstitutional...
  139. Growing rift with Pakistan could spell trouble in the war on terror
  140. Is anyone else conflicted with the main wars in the US?
  141. North Korea´s first vice-minister of Foreign Affairs talked with US officials
  142. The tragedy in Norway may have been a revenge for the NATO bombings in Libya
  143. Helicopter shot down in Afghanistan: 37 killed
  144. Kadhafi forces report gains, launch offensive
  145. Use of the Military
  146. Southkorea fired artillery shells at the north
  147. C'mon Barack, get us in a fourth!
  148. More terrorism against Israelis
  149. Another 13 years of war? Looks like it....
  150. Libya update
  151. What Arabs really think about Palestinians.
  152. What Arabs really think about Palestinians II
  153. Will Obama go down along with the dollar?
  154. Revolutions And The People
  155. What you did to Libya
  156. Libyas neighbours fear "powder keg" scenario
  157. 10 years since the atacks on the WTC
  158. Flight 93
  159. White rose for the 67 British victims of 9/11
  160. Btw, its not over in Lybia yet...
  161. You thoughts on the 9-11 memorial
  162. The Taliban Strikes Against Incompetent Security
  163. Cameron and Sarkozy given heroes' welcome in Tripoli
  164. Liverpool footballer under investigation for saying Illuminati were behind 9/11
  165. Offensive of the Libyan Army
  166. Yemen Update
  167. Lockheed Martin: First in Federal Funding, First in Government Fraud
  168. Israel/Gaza : Hamas prisoner Gilad Shalit to return home
  169. Scratch you're head ?
  170. Turkish army launches major revenge attacks in Iraq
  171. Qaddafi killed! WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES
  172. Obama finally delivers on a campaign promise.
  173. What War really is...
  174. Accountability for recent events in Libya
  175. Ready to Negotiate
  176. {Warning: GRAPHIC CONTENT} Iranian FM: "Let ’em come"
  177. What feeds Terror ?
  178. Another obama failure, Iran building a Nuke weapon
  179. Britain comes to a standstill for two minutes on Armistice Day
  180. Argentina accuses Britain of acting 'aggressively' by posting Prince William to Falklands
  181. Hey, Obama, WTFO?
  182. The Real World We live In
  183. Ww iii
  184. Why The Middle East Hates Us
  185. Ten Years After 9/11, Looks Like Bin Laden Won
  186. Military now allowed to bone animals
  187. German Military Fears Civil War in Afghanistan
  188. Air Force responsible for disposing of 273 service member's remains in a landfill.
  189. Our Troops Are Coming Home
  190. Obama Says Iraq War is Over
  191. I Love A Parade...
  192. Why Aren't Conservatives More Supportive Of Obama?
  193. Christmas in the Trenches - 1914
  194. Blitzer talks about Iraq breaking apart
  195. six good jewish people was attacking the military base in israel.
  196. 255 confirmed kills: Meet Navy SEAL Chris Kyle
  197. Fighting For Dumbocracy and Libtardism around the Woorld!!!!!!!!
  198. The Return of US Isolationism
  199. How Do We Pay For Our Military Spending.
  200. Russian warships in Syria
  201. 54 % of our budget relates to current and related military expense.
  202. Too Freakin' stupid (video of Marines acting badly)
  203. finally, USA confessed that richard nixon was comtting a masacre in cambodia! how rude RN!
  204. Fraudulent Accusations
  205. US to cut military presence in Germany
  206. if i may to build my own blogs..there're too many violence against humanity which madebyUS
  207. France Weighs Pullout After 4 of Its Soldiers Are Killed
  208. Falklands: Argentine protesters burn British flag outside embassy
  209. The green flag flutters again in the Libyan wind
  210. US to Wind Down Afghanistan Combat Mission One Year Ahead of Schedule
  211. 400 civilians killed in Homs, Syria and Russia dithers
  212. Iran: 44 %of the Americans would bomb - How about you?
  213. Large Inefficient Embassy Finally Facing Cuts
  214. Vote!!!
  215. NukeMap - Now You Can Nuke The City Of Your Choice
  216. According to one of the chatter here iran is not a threat! and i agree,..!
  217. Britain’s battle plan for war with Iran
  218. I can’t understand what was the idea of that revo in Libya against Qaddafi
  219. Afghanistan and Syria
  220. Israeli bluster draws little reaction from forum members
  221. Adding insult to injury !
  222. What, specifically, must Iran do?
  223. Toward a better understanding of Iran's position
  224. Six British soldiers are killed in Afghanistan, taking the toll past 400
  225. Iranian Justification
  226. Staff Sgt Bales Should be set free
  227. About that dead Iranian scientist
  228. North Korea achieved nuclear weapons capability under Bush
  229. Deadbeat Dad Disrespects Our Troops-
  230. Ryan Apologizes to Generals for Accusing Them of Lying
  231. Marine Disrespects The Chain Of Command
  232. Taliban attacks in Afghanistan target NATO, embassies, parliament
  233. The path to bin Laden’s death didn’t start with Obama
  234. Obama in Afghanistan
  235. Radical Islam spreads to the Balkans
  236. Before he spiked the ball, Obama made sure his ass was covered...
  237. Two British servicemen shot dead by members of the Afghan Police Force
  238. Democrats Calling for Investigation into Intel Leaks
  239. The Kings Philosophy
  240. Memorial Day
  241. Backdoor Found In China-Made US Military Chip? 179
  242. Why we have war
  243. I've got the big machine You've got the Gasoline !
  244. Al-Quida invokes to assist Syrian rebels in a "violent jihad"
  245. Egypt: Parliament resolved
  246. Israel / Iran and the USA
  247. Killing Civilians & Obselesence of War
  248. If we just stepped back, rasdical Islam would destroy itself
  249. US ship fires on boat off Dubai, 1 dead
  250. Syria and chem weapons