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  1. Newt Gingrich slams several home runs in S.C debate--gets standing ovation
  2. SC Debate on Taxes
  3. WI Recall of Gov. Walker Produces 1 MILLION Signatures
  4. Mitt Romney admits he only pays 15% on millions of income--Is this too much- "baggage?"
  5. Sarah Palin tells S. Carolina voters to vote for Newt Gingrich
  6. One voter in three says worse off under Obama
  7. The GOP is not serious about eradicating liberalism and here is why...........
  8. Shocking new documentary about Condoleezza Rice
  9. Perry drops out endorses Newt
  10. Sanatorium might have really won Iowa.
  11. The 2nd Mrs. Gingrich is going to air her 15 year old dirty laundry on ABC.
  12. Popular Vote vs The Electoral College
  13. I agree with Santorum (former Perry supporter)
  14. CNN Debate
  15. Why the sudden leftist interest in repub politics?
  16. Gingrich wins S.C.!
  17. Florida primary poll--who wins?
  18. Gabrielle Giffords To Step Down From Congress (For Now...)
  19. The race is on- Finally!
  20. Todays Poll from FLORIDA! Florida GOP Primary: Gingrich 41%, Romney 32%
  21. Ground breaking deal on third party ads
  22. Fight Night In Florida - NBC Debate
  23. 47% Would Vote For A Candidate Who Only Raises Taxes On the Rich...
  24. Politifact rates Obama's first 2012 campaign ad
  25. Newts support for Al Qaeda in Europe during Clinton Admin
  26. J.C Watt--HAWK on Freddie Mac--defends Gingrich--says Romney is lying.
  27. Romney campaign advisor former senator Norm Coleman says Romney will not repeal Obamacare
  28. Nancy Pelosi--liar-liar pants on fire--has a "secret" about Newt Gingrich--LOL
  29. Gingrich runs on Clinton's record
  30. Newt in 1988: Reagan is a "failure"
  31. Bob Dole blasts Newt.
  32. Jacksonville Florida--debate winner?
  33. Pat Condell on Religion and US politics
  34. Why does America have to defend Israel if the Bible is true?
  35. Fading Gingrich falls behind in polls
  36. The State of Israel is in Bed with the Military Industrial Complex
  37. Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich
  38. Mitt Romney--on video in Panama city, Florida admits he will not repeal Obamacare
  39. Romney's 5 falsehoods in Florida debate.
  40. 2 000 000 signatures or dollars. What will make you a president?
  41. Ron Paul picks up key endorsement.
  42. Grace Be Gone; This is Getting Good...
  43. The Nastiest Election Ever!
  44. Mitt Romney: 'I'm Not Concerned About The Very Poor'
  45. State Polling Shows Obama Would Lose... Big
  46. I am Ascension, or rather, that is my direction...
  47. The Donald Endorses Mitt Romney: "Go Get 'Em!".
  48. Romney Set For Another Romp in NV
  49. I am a Ron Paul supporter that could live with a Romney Presidency
  50. The Fix Is In
  51. Obama campaign returns donations from corrupt Mexian businessman
  52. President blesses fundraising for Priorities USA Action
  53. A Santorum Surge in MN & CO Caucuses; MO Primary
  54. GOP Delegate Calculator & Interactive Tools
  55. Rick Santorum states he was against Tea Party Movement & would speak against them.
  56. Rick Santorum turns up the CRAZY!
  57. Stop Colbert
  58. Sarah Palin @ CPAC
  59. Santorum has BIG problems with EARMARKS & Pay to Play with campaign donations.
  60. Rick Santorum made MILLIONS as Washington D.C. Lobbyist.
  61. As Santorum stated--Do STATES have the RIGHT to BAN birth control contraceptives?
  62. Romney MI ad: He's in NY, driving a Canadian made car, standing on a helipad looking down
  63. Who Won Maine Caucus? We May Never Know...
  64. Santorum in trouble again--over 500K med. mal practice suit wife sought
  65. Shilling For Obama... USPOL Addition
  66. Do Republicans think a battle involving contraception is a winning one?
  67. Vote!!!
  68. Vote!!!
  69. A Tempest in a Tea Pot
  70. Santorum BLAMES the state of MASS. for child sex abuse within the Catholic Church!
  71. Santorum SLAMS Protestants in 2008 speech--says they've lost their Christianity.
  72. CNN debate--February 22, 2012 What do you think?
  73. GOP candidate's plans would increase debt
  74. Romney gives speech to 63000 empty seats at Ford Field
  75. Right-Wing Takeover of GOP is Destroying its Brand
  76. America needs Popular Energy and Solid Values => Go for Senator Rick Santorum !
  77. Gallup - Obama Would Lose Swing States To Either GOP Candidate
  78. Unions want to know where you live.
  79. Santorum Calls Obama a snob
  80. Newt Gingrich is the American , others , failed!
  81. ZoNation talks about the difference of democrats and republicans about race and abortion.
  82. Romney wins AZ by 63000%
  83. Snowe won't run
  84. Santorum succeeds to halve Michigan (12/14 del.) + Ohio big Win ahead (66 delegates)
  85. The Mitt Gaffe Tracker
  86. Is it legal to register to vote anywhere?
  87. Romney's and Obama's Tax Plans in One Chart
  88. After last results, Gingrich must step aside for Santorum if Conservatives want 2012 win !
  89. Republican Strategy vs Obama
  90. Chris Wallace GRILLS Santorum--birth control--church donations--and snob comment
  91. While Santorum and Romney Duked It Out, Obama Won the Week...
  92. So... How Are Things Going Over At The DNC?
  93. 5 Members of Romney Family Endorse Ron Paul
  94. Ron Paul Says No Federal Aid To Tornado Victims
  95. Brown pulling ahead of Warren
  96. Shocking Video
  97. Santorum wins Ohio, Tenessee, Oklahoma, North Dakota. 2nd in Mass, close in Georia,Vermont
  98. Say Goodbye To Dennis!
  99. Delegate math--It's impossible for Santorum to win the nomination.
  100. Obama the racist
  101. Court of public opinion seems to be trending towards Obama re-election
  102. Obama Documentary: 'The Road We've Traveled'
  103. After Super Tuesday: If Gingrich steps aside for Santorum, Conservatives can win 2012 vote
  104. Latest Polls: Santorum wins over Obama ! => Santorum POTUS for 2012 - 2020 ?
  105. Santorum won also in KANSAS ! (the State with 40 Delegates)...
  106. CBS/NYT poll: SANTORUM FIRST NATIONWIDE 34 %, Romney 30 %, Gingrich 13 %, Paul 7 % !
  107. "Obama Flag" flies over Democratic Party office
  108. Santorum wins Alabama--They're going to have to go after Santorum on EXTREME social views
  109. Al Gore is Dem Senate nominee for Mississippi!!!
  110. Why Republicans Should Vote for President Obama
  111. Another Biden gaffe
  112. GOP losing WOMEN voters in groves over birth control contraceptive debates
  113. Santorum states he does not believe in the Separation of Church and State
  114. Santorum Screws the Pooch....so to speak
  115. You should be able to vote by smart phone
  116. Sen. Lugar stripped of his voting rights
  117. With Santorum and Gingrich vowing to stay in this race- is it hurting the GOP?
  118. Recent Votes: ROMNEY LOST EVERYTHING in American mainland ! Santorum won KS, AL, MS +
  119. Obama campaign raises $45M in February
  120. ROMNEY is a MINORITY. Conservatives, led by Santorum, are the Majority, inside GOP :
  121. No GOP Voters in Illinois !? .("Lowest ever turnout")...
  122. Texas (155 Delegates) : Latest Poll = Santorum wins 1st, with +8% difference !
  123. Democrats voting for Rick Santorum in these primaries to insure an Obama win
  124. Santorum wins at Louisiana by +13% lead (latest Polls, 20 of March) !
  125. Santorum says he doesn't care about the U.S. unemployment rate!
  126. Teachers using kids for Obama campaign.
  127. Missouri Caucus Meltdown
  128. New polls show Ron Paul more electable than Romney vs. Obama
  129. Santorum suggests that re-electing Obama would be better than a Romney presidency
  130. Latest Polls: Santorum has Better Chances against Obama, than Romney !
  131. Conservative Frontrunner Santorum Wins Majority against Romney (if Gingrich steps aside)!
  132. Surprising LA Vote: Santorum crushes Romney 50% - 26%. Gingrich disappears (15%). Paul 6%.
  133. Obama: I Can Surrender America After My Re-Election
  134. Republicans Disrespecting States that havent Voted Yet
  135. EPA under Obama promises to sky-rocket electricity prices.
  136. Just What Is Going On?
  137. Contention County Convention In Minnesota!
  138. Romney = worse McCain ! Santorum fights for People's Hearts,Freedom, American Dream,Values
  139. Obama gains 9 pt lead in 12 swing states.
  140. Romney FALLS down to MINORITY of LESS than 40% of People's VOTES (against 61%) inside GOP!
  141. Rep. Ron Paul has missed 92 percent of House votes in 2012
  142. Romney is a MINORITY inside GOP +even on DELEGATES ?!...
  143. Santorum-led CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY in GOP Primaries starts WORKING TOGETHER with Newt+
  144. VP Candidate for the Republican Party 2012
  145. political idealogy poll
  146. Obama Speech #256 - Women Are Not an Interest Group
  147. Does the GOP just not "Get it"
  148. Voter Fraud
  149. Santorum Drops Out
  150. Gingrich Campaign Running on Fumes - Bounces $500 Check/Primary Filing Fee
  151. Gene lobby hit twice Santorum. Popular Values Movement (looted by GOP RINOs) for New Party
  152. Obama Speech #283 - We Are Better Off When Everyone Gets a Fair Shot
  153. Ann Romney had never "worked a day in her life,"
  154. The Republican Party's Problem with Women
  155. Heaven !....
  156. Romney takes the lead
  157. Mitt Romney wants the rich to pay more
  158. Rosen v Ann Romney--who pays the household bills? Women or Men?
  159. Romney is Hard Core Conservative
  160. Whatever Happened To 'The Most Free and Open Administration In History?'
  161. VP Picking Time
  162. Obama ate dog meat...
  163. Scenario: Romney is elected
  164. Should Losing Candidates have Secret Service Protection?
  165. Romney vs Obama: All Tied Up!
  166. 2012 Senate Races - Predictions
  167. US Oil Production under the Obama Admin a non-issue for the Election
  168. Romney Flips...to the Left. First in a Longgggg Series...
  169. Nancy Pelosi--says she wants people to earn more--so they can pay more--LOL
  170. Gingrich Lies Yet Again (and ends campaign)
  171. Obama to hold first campaing rallies next week
  172. Paul Ryan Budget Blessed by God? Not According to Catholic Bishops.
  173. New Obama Ad Suggests Romney Wouldn't Have Ordered Bin Laden Raid
  174. Obama: Reagan Was A Socialist
  175. New Obama campaign video focuses on achievements, ignores Romney
  176. Worst Republican candidate in the GOP field in 2012
  177. New PPP poll shows Paul even more electable than Romney vs. Obama
  178. Let's Just Say It: The Republicans are the Problem
  179. Grenell Quits Romney Camp Over Anti-Gay Backlash
  180. A video to remind us who our president is.
  181. What If Obama Threw A Rally And No One Came?
  182. How can anyone support this guy
  183. So I Voted Today
  184. The media just won't let up on Ron Paul
  185. Koch brothers strike back at Obama's personal attack.
  186. Tea Party Wins in Indiana
  187. The West Virginia Democratic Primary
  188. A Tough Day For The Left (Wisconsin Edition)
  189. This is shows why Romney is not the candidate for conservative voters
  190. Dick Morris: "Romney Should Win in a Landslide"
  191. Romney's Bullying..
  192. Mitt Romney Set Up A Command Center To Help Find Partner's Missing Daughter
  193. The Real Mitt Romney
  194. It's Soooo Good to be Rich in America
  195. Romney supporters bullies Paul supporters.
  196. Troops who have seen action favor Obama
  197. Romney's teenage years
  198. Get Out the Black Arm Bands - Paul Out Of The Race
  199. Obama picks homos over mexicans
  200. Ron Paul And The Republican Party
  201. The Obama's Biggest Failure with Voters Will Be....
  202. Johnson Criticizes Congress Over Debt Deal
  203. What Would Romney Do?
  204. "Basketball"
  205. Why does Romney accuse Obama of "apologizing" for America
  206. Matthews, sick of "thrill" question, disses homosexuals
  207. What would they do?
  208. Romney leads among veterans by 24 points
  209. The new Romney App: "A Better Amercia"
  210. Genuine disappointments?
  211. New polling data shows Scott Walker leading his opponent by 7%.
  212. Outside conservatives to spend $1 billion on election
  213. What do you think about the Reform Party USA?
  214. Election 2012 - The Smell of Fear
  215. Romney doesn't want to count his first year in his MA jobs record
  216. Scott Walker wins in Wisconsin by 9% points--almost doubling the 5% he won in 2010.
  217. Wisconsin - Will anyone on the right admit that money was a factor?
  218. Bill Clinton-is he trying to save the country by praising Romney's business record?
  219. How I Spent My Thursday...
  220. The distortions about Mitt Romney and his record.
  221. Campaigning Like its 2008
  222. Electoral College Question.
  223. Major economic speech today 1:45
  224. Life! Liberty! And the Pursuit of Text Messages!
  225. The Myth Of Obama Bi-Partisanship
  226. October surprise prediction from Chassisman
  227. Romney Campaign asks FL Gov to Preach Doom and Gloom
  228. Great Obama for America vid hits Romney's indecision on Immigration
  229. So... You Invite Gay Activists To The White House...
  230. What this country really needs is...
  231. Romney spokeswoman claims their campaign co-chair "does not advise nor speak for campaign"
  232. Obama: Give Me Your Birthaday Presents!
  233. Mitt Romney, Outsourcer In Chief
  234. Why is Romney so competitive in Michigan?
  235. Easy Presidential Election Quiz
  236. My war with Paul supporters is over
  237. Final thought....Just before you hit the VOTE button !
  238. GOP about face on gas prices
  239. FactCheck.org refutes Obama ad
  240. Obama Now Leading in All National Polls
  241. Obama Tied With Romney in National Poll
  242. Romney and Abortion Clinic Profits
  243. Romney Campaign Declaring Cease Fire on Health Care
  244. The people voted for Obamacare
  245. A New Low, Even For Democrats
  246. 56% of Likely Voters: Obama Changed Things For The Worse
  247. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
  248. Romney Praises Clinton and "New Democrats"; Gets Facts Wrong
  249. Romney Gets Booed At NAACP...
  250. Outsourcer In Chief