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  1. Obama making more dememies
  2. Daily shows how the fix is in.
  3. New Directions for the Left
  4. Let the games begin
  5. CEOs to BOYCOTT contributions to candidates who do not resolve the nation's business!
  6. Ryan to seek nomination?
  7. Perry jumped in on Saturday and is now 1st place in RCP poll.
  8. Liberals, your boy wonder is cooked!
  9. Ron Paul Offers Social Conservatives Real Solutions
  10. Liberals! Its the Trash Rick Perry thread!
  11. Damn Yankee's Theory of Democrats
  12. Sarah Palin - Oh Boy....
  13. Bachmann's education qualifications - correcting her falsehoods
  14. Maxine Waters, ghetto ...
  15. Mitt Romney wants Lockerbie bomber back in U.S. to face justice.
  16. California's new districting map
  17. Ron Paul 38% .... what?
  18. Rubio - Hero of the Right, and VP in waiting for whoever wins the nomination
  19. Romney and the Magic Underwear
  20. The Obama is Unpatriotic
  21. Rick Perry suddenly cares?
  22. ANGRY AFL-CIO announce HUGE blow to democrats--Obama
  23. Failure of Obamanomics
  24. Repub's ask for 1 billion in earmarks in 2010--tea party gets blamed for it.
  25. Flush Obama
  26. Maxine Waters threatens bankers with taxing them out of business
  27. Ron Paul Impressions
  28. Donner Dems say "ANARCHY" is better than Tea Party for Amrerica?
  29. Sarah on Saturday
  30. 30-year GOP operative quits, reflect on what party has become
  31. Huntsman's Jobs Plan
  32. Bachman overdrive
  33. Mitt Romney's economic Job Plan--Here it is.
  35. Fact Checking the GOP Debate
  36. Take an Entrepreneur to Capitol Hill Day!!
  37. Could it be? NYC liberal district goes Republican to replace Weiner? Polls say yes
  38. Debate Format.
  39. How Important is Homeland Security to the Election?
  40. Rick Perry and Education
  41. Perry's Ponzi scheme comment(s)
  42. GOP Electability
  43. Ohio: Let the gerrymandering begin
  44. Michelle Bachmann - is she a deliberate liar?
  45. The class warfare argument
  46. Ralph Nader hearts Sarah Palin?
  47. Chris Christie
  48. Which GOP candidate would do the BEST in a debate against Barack Obama--BE HONEST
  49. Obama Now Clearance Priced!
  50. What Governor Would Make A Good President?
  51. Rick Perry chainsawing his own hand off
  52. Herman Cain: The first black President we should have had
  53. 'Soft' America: What Obama really meant!
  54. Van Jones--Liberals to launch October offensive--to rival that of Tea Party movement.
  55. How does Obama plan to be re-elected to a second term as our President in 2012?
  56. Cain remarks regarding 2 people in the GOP debate that booed Soldier's QUESTION?
  57. Ni**erhead ranch - appropriate or no?
  58. Here Comes Sarah... I think some Liberal Heads may explode.
  59. The Rick Perry thread.
  60. GOP Canidates Boycott Univision Debate
  61. The Polls Four Years ago
  62. What are the chances of a third party winning?
  63. What do you think.. would this work?
  64. Romney continues to push falsehoods and outright lies about Obama
  65. Newt Gingrich says if elected he'd limit Supreme Court decisions
  66. My responses to David Frum
  67. CINO Christie, endoreses CINO Romney in fight with other CINO Perry
  68. stuff
  69. Debate tonight on Bloomberg--Economy only--Oct. 11--8 pm est
  70. Did you vote for Obama in 2008?
  71. Cain leads Romney, is now frontrunner for GOP nom
  72. 9-9-9 and sales tax
  73. War # 5 - Again Without Congressional Approval
  74. What constitutes "petitioning"?
  75. A Call To Action!
  76. 2012 Senate Elections - predictions
  77. Which of the following hypothetical match ups would cause you to avoid voting Dem/GOP?
  78. Obama Speech 178 - Republicans hate the environment and sick people
  79. Snap Your Fingers and the Opposition Is Gone
  80. Las Vegas GOP CNN Debate -- 10/18/11 8pm
  81. Politics Ugly? - This Is Where It All Started
  82. Herman Cain's Jaw-Dropping Ignorance
  83. Republican Candidates----Yawn!!
  84. Elizabeth Warren Backpedals.
  85. Obama Backers Tied to Lobbies Raise Millions
  86. Jeb Hensarling
  87. The deliberate hypocrisy of the left.
  88. Cain and Gingrich to debate each other on Nov 5
  89. Gingrich Backs Obamacare's Individual Mandate Requiring Health Insurance
  90. Wild, Wacky, But Definately Not Wonderful...
  91. Which Cain Scandal is Worse? Which One Will Last Longest? Be Most Damaging?
  92. 25 min of Dean Scream for Perry
  93. Where did the Cain attack come from?
  94. Herman Cain is Unaware China Has Nukes
  95. Mitt Romney and the Old Conservatives
  96. The Class War Has Begun
  97. Third Cain accuser emerges, stick a fork in him, he's done...
  98. Gingrich--Cain debate TODAY--Saturday--Nov. 5th-- 5 p.m. EST on C-Span
  99. The primaries should all be held on the same day!
  100. Conservatives and the Commonweal and the Election
  101. Rick Perry....What the HELL man!?
  102. The Purging Of The Democratic Party
  103. GOP strategy in 2012????
  104. Herman Cain cannot be believed because.
  105. Why the left hates black people, using Gloria Allred to attack Cain
  106. Conservs / Repubs are Blinded to the Obvious by Devotion to Party / Ideology
  107. Newt Gingrich--great interview on FOX news special report (center seat)
  108. GOP Debate tonight Nov. 9th at 8 p.m EST CNBC
  109. Rick Perry is done
  110. Newt Gingrich- Wall Street Journal states could be the GOP nominee.
  111. Why is the media fascinated with Romney?
  112. Republican Ideology through History
  113. Obama versus the competition
  114. Romney, Gingrich at GOP debate: We'd go to war to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons
  115. Corzine was the first person the new president called for advice on the economy...
  116. Not The Man America Voted For
  117. I agree with Rick Perry, sort of, who agrees with OWS, sort of. End Foreign Aid
  118. Herman Cain is done
  119. I Wouldn't Mind if Herman Cain Were The The Republican Prez. Nominee
  120. What effect will this have on Newt?
  121. Ron Paul as an independent
  122. The Ron Paul Pinup Calendar
  123. Democrats begin campaign 2012
  124. Iowa: Gingrich 32%, Romney 19%, Cain 13%
  125. Ann Coulter Endorses Romney...
  126. Both Perry And Romney Show How Morally Bankrupt They Really Are
  127. Newt Gingrich--a home run hitter--or someone who's afraid to step up to the plate?
  128. Newt Gingrich tells media--"bring it on" stating--he welcomes the vetting process.
  129. Obama And The Moral High Ground
  130. CNN - GOP National Security Debate
  131. Romney's Desperation
  132. Many of Ron Pauls policies are mainstream in Germany
  133. Is Newt calling for Amnesty?
  134. I miss this man!!
  135. Bachmann greeted appropriately by Jimmy Fallon
  136. The Trickling Away of Trickle-Down
  137. Voting Vouchers
  138. Am I A Democrat or Republican?
  139. Newt Gingrich on drug laws
  140. Vetting the Candidates
  141. Mitt v. Mitt
  142. Gingrich--targets declared sanctuary cities--on illegal immigration
  143. Newt Scores Huge NH Endorsement - Less 1%-ee Than Mitt!
  144. Herman Cain's 9-9-9 turns into 9-1-1
  145. Florida Poll: Gingrich 41, Romney 17, Cain 13
  146. If the GOP primary was tomorrow who would you vote for
  147. Bill Clinton praises Newt Gingrich in recent interview
  148. Electability
  149. Mobilizing the majority.
  150. Gingrich in 17 minute interview answers questions about Freddie Mac relationship
  151. The Donalds new reality show
  152. Ohio--primary voters--New Hampshire and early states--is this really what you're about?
  153. Herman Cain Taps Out
  154. Republicans are being taught to talk about Occupy Wall Street
  155. Herman Cain to Endorse Newt Gingrich Monday
  156. Falconist Party
  157. Newt Gingrich thanks Nancy Pelosi for an early Christmas gift.
  158. Newt Gingrich: Accidental Nominee?
  159. Romney Tried to Erase the Evidence of His Governorship
  160. Obama Speech #214 - This isnít about class warfare
  161. Is it best for candidates to use attack ads against others-or adds that promote themselves
  162. Poll: Ron Paul Supporters, What Will You Do If Paul is Not the GOP Nominee?
  163. The Myth About the High Cost of Regulations
  164. Gingrich Economic Plan
  165. Newt Gingrich--the left and right double sided--Nuclear attack is on.
  166. Newt Gingrich: "Child Labor Laws Are Stupid!"
  167. If it is Newt and Barrack in the general which is the better candidate?
  168. Will President Obama get re-elected ?
  169. New Rick Perry Ad
  170. Gary Johnson Likely to Seek Libertarian Nomination
  171. Dec. 10 ABC GOP Des Moines Debate
  172. Gingrich Advocated Death Penalty for Marijuana Possession
  173. Unions Disenfranchise Voters - Their Own Voters
  174. Paul Closing in on Gingrich in Iowa
  175. The Gingrich Flat Tax Proposal
  176. The Mitt Romney (Republican Rino's) are frantic over Newt Gingrich's lead.
  177. Romney In 2002: "My Views Are Progressive" - hrmm
  178. Obama Campaign Spamming
  179. The GOP establishment of TODAY--would have never nominated Ronald Reagan.
  180. 15 DEC Fox News GOP Debate.
  181. Fox News Debate.. last one before voting begins
  182. S. Carolina Gov. endorses Romney--in the politics of you endorse me--I'll endorse you.
  183. Rick Perry's Retirement Income Disclosed
  184. Ron Paul now leads Iowa in newest PPP.
  185. The Company Ron Paul Keeps
  186. Romney Scores Des Moines Register Endorsement
  187. Liberals Win "Lie Of The Year"
  188. Has election spending gone wild?
  189. Mitt Romney shows himself to be a "weenie" on these negative ads.
  190. Rick Perry: Not Ashamed To Be A Homophobic Christian
  191. Yet another Rick Perry gaffe...
  192. Would you vote for a candidate so shadowy he won't let you see his tax returns?
  193. Newt Gingrich says the UNTHINKABLE about Fast and Furious
  194. Gingrich will not be on ballot in Virginia
  195. Virginia primary---f...-off
  196. Voter ID Laws Struck Down
  197. Former Paul Aid says Paul doesn't think we should have fought Hitler and other things.
  198. Gingrich under fire for shifting views on healthcare mandate [video]
  199. Latest Newt Campaign Ad - (No, it's not a spoof--it's real)
  200. Rick Perry files federal suit to challenge VA primary ballot rules.
  201. Missing more than just the man...
  202. The Big Lie: A Case Study. (Fannie/Freddy Caused the Great Recession Edition)
  203. Virginia changed ballot access rules--last month--over law suit
  204. A bad year for the right
  205. Virginia GOP requires loyalty oath from primary voters. Dumb gets Dumber.
  206. Head of MOSSAD says "Iran is not an existential threat"
  207. Last Set of Polling Before Iowa Caucus
  208. Progressive reaction to Ron Paul
  209. Dems Funding Union Attacks on Romney
  210. jviehe's Guide to a Successful Campaign
  211. A Guide to the 2012 GOP Presidential Contests
  212. The end run around MItt Romney--Ron Paul--that could very well backfire on the RNC
  213. The Iowa Caucuses
  214. Republican strategy is to ignore positives about America
  215. Who do you think will win Iowa?
  216. The "Anyone but Obama" Corporate/Soros scam
  217. Romney by a Hair Over Santorum in Iowa Nail-Biter: 30,015 to 30,001
  218. Santorum: Discriminating Taste
  219. Michele Bachmann calls it quits.
  220. Romney gets kiss of death endorsement from JOHN McCAIN---lol
  221. Media's Censorship Of Ron Paul Becoming Less Subtle
  222. New Hampshire Primary
  223. Santorum the crony capitalist?
  224. The only solid analysis of the Ron Paul newsletters I could find.
  225. Mitt Romney--let's count the flip-flops--time to have a little fun with this.
  226. Jon Huntsman Receives 'Boston Globe' Backing
  227. Gingrich: African-American Community Should Demand Paychecks, Not Food Stamps
  228. Scathing ad against Romney and Bain capital: very powerful stuff
  229. Democrat party affiliation drops by 21% since Obama has been in office.
  230. If Paul is kooky then why do the experts agree with him (and Israel as well).
  231. Who are they hiding
  232. New Hamshire Repubs Who Believe in Science Find it Hard Going
  233. New UNOFFICIAL Ron Paul Ad
  234. "Those hands dug freedom for me"
  235. Huntsman Closing Strong in NH
  236. Ill-Timed "I Like Being Able to Fire People" Romney Gaffe Heard Around the World
  237. South Carolina Primary
  238. Voter Fraud in NH
  239. Why Romney if elected, will accomplish nothing in the grand scheme
  240. How do primary elections work?
  241. Romney - Inevitable
  242. Union Leader Campaigns for Obama at White House Forum
  243. Who Do You Support For President?
  244. Republican Forum In South Carolina
  245. Which GOP most suits your view on the issues?
  246. Huntsman dropping out, to endorse Willard
  247. Getting money out of politics
  248. Senator Tom Davis Endorses Ron Paul
  249. The 2012 election will look a lot like the 2004 election
  250. President Jonathon Johnson Endorses Ron Paul