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Mueller Report May Come to Nothing

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  • Originally posted by DavidSF View Post

    You misunderstand their intent.

    Yes, they have abandoned it for now. They have focused on other crap for now.

    But make no mistake: these turds WILL bob back to the surface of the pool... and when they do, they will be spoken of as accomplished, proven fact (Like they do with that "grab a girls crotch" nonsense). They're waiting for our memories to dull because they cannot respond intelligently NOW.
    Is there something new that came up? I want to delay my intelligent response, until there's a conclusion or two from the Meuller team. Responding to the "same old" will take a back seat to something new, in the interest of avoiding boredom.


    • Originally posted by radcentr View Post

      Is there something new that came up? I want to delay my intelligent response, until there's a conclusion or two from the Meuller team. Responding to the "same old" will take a back seat to something new, in the interest of avoiding boredom.
      Nope, nothing at all. Mueller has said he will delay reporting his "findings" until next week so as not to influence the election: That could mean he has nothing ... or it could mean something else.

      In any case, that was the last "new" development as re: Mueller.


      • The fine art of...

        Hating the Donald, and the self annihilation of those doing so explained.


        Trump really didn't start this fire of incivility. Nor did he ever preach violence. Or racial animosity. Or economic injustice. He doesn't roll that way. Never has. Never will. He fights. Hard. But the characterization and narrative of him being unfit, racist, and violent is absurd.

        If you're a leftist, and particularly a media leftist, think of what you've blamed him for. It's a staggering list. A list of deceit from the left that may never end. Treason with Russia, sexually assaulting numerous women, starting fights; he's racist, misogynistic, hates immigrants, cheats on his taxes, cheated in business, uses the presidency to enrich his family and companies. He incited the pipe bomb violence and the synagogue murders.

        Trump colluding with Russia to steal the election from Hillary. A more deceit-filled, stupid narrative may never have been pushed by the Democratic media slaves. Ever. Yet it's still alive after two years of nonstop coverage and proclamation. It's like the return of the living dead. It never stops coming even though there is zero evidence of any such collusion happening. Zero. Yet the geniuses in our leftist media will never admit there is no evidence. Jake Tapper, Joe Scarborough, and Rachel Maddow have gotten richer off this giant fake scandal than any con man ever could have.

        ,....So dear leftists. Dear media malaprops. Dear tech lords. Dear Democrat ick Party. Trump didn't start the fire. You did. You and your vileness. You and your self-proclaimed elite smarts. Your self-projection of superiority. Your pretense of smug self-righteousness.

        Recapping, consider Donald Trump's opponents. The Republican establishment. The bloated Hillary machine. The fake news old media. And, of course, the tech lords and their platforms.

        .... these tech lords went from "Don't Be Evil" to (I paraphrase) "Let's use our power and money to further the (evil) leftist agenda" in less than a decade. They were, and are, all in with the destruction of Trump. They are all in for the destruction of center-right thinking. The current tech giants are embarrassing, using their power in a way far worse than Microsoft ever did. They are getting away with it right in front of our eyes. Their hubris has no end. It's too bad George Gilder's new vision of a world without Google can't come more quickly.

        ..No, these are not Trump's fires; these are the fires of the left.

        They manufacture outrage to regain power.

        The left's ugliness is unprecedented in these times. Leftists' blaming Trump and the center-right for everything is sick. It's been an epic battle to watch as Trump builds things while they try to burn them, as Trump extinguishes one flame after another while they blame him for the fires they set. When the smoke finally rises, like Churchill, Trump will be seen as one of the great men and movers of his times.


        • Or it may come to something eventually.

          The truth eventually does work its way out.

          But it's not going be easy

          ================================================== =====

          Are the Investigations the Cover-Up?

          Muellers key role is to have nearly absolute control over what information is released to investigators or the public. Mueller determines what Horowitz and Huber can see. Mueller can hide anything he wants by claiming that release of the information would hinder his investigation. He has given Rod Rosenstein a list of lines of inquiry that will not be allowed. Rosenstein, who volunteered to be part of the soft coup, is happy to comply. We have witnessed Rosenstein repeatedly refuse to turn over documents to Congress, flagrantly obstructing its oversight role.

          Those of us who have been paying attention know that serious crimes were committed at the highest levels of government in an attempt to exonerate Hillary Clinton and frame Donald Trump. There was collusion between government agencies, including collusion with foreign agents, to illegally influence the 2016 Presidential election. There is enough evidence on the table to be confident of these claims.

          And those of us who care about rule of law, who want to see justice done to the criminals in this conspiracy, have been waiting for years to see that happen. We hear that these serious matters are being investigated. We hear that there are whistleblowers inside the government who want to come forward and expose the corruption. We hear that there are many, many more documents which will substantiate our worst fears about one of the greatest scandals in the history of our country.

          This cover-up would not be possible if the mainstream media were honest and aggressive fact-finders, but they actually function as a branch of the Democratic Party. The cover-up would fail if Republicans were unified in absolutely demanding to see all the evidence that is currently being hidden, but Republican leaders do not unify and fight hard for anything. They appear to be comfortable with losing this battle.

          What we are witnessing here is a carefully planned and orchestrated cover-up of a series of very serious crimes. The deep swamp is pretending to investigate the deep swamp.

          At this point, there is every reason to believe that the purpose of Hubers investigation is to hide the truth, not to find it; to protect the criminals, not to charge them. The key witnesses in each of the matters under investigation have not even been contacted. It appears that no grand juries have been empaneled. Tom Fitton, of Judicial Watch says, Huber wasnt tapped to investigate anything, he was just a distraction.

          Last year, when members of Congress were rightly frustrated about evidence being hidden, there were increasing calls for a special prosecutor to investigate surveillance abuses by the Obama administration, the shady Uranium One deal, and the Clinton Foundations influence peddling. The idea of appointing a truly independent prosecutor was thwarted by Jeff Sessions, who appointed a career insider to do the investigation instead. Sessions promised that an Obama holdover in Utah, John Huber, would do a full, complete and objective evaluation of these matters.

          What is the most effective way to hide the truth and protect the deep-state criminals? Its the never-ending Mueller investigation. Sure, Muellers team is still in the business of promoting the Trump-Russia fiction, but the most important role of this investigation may be to obstruct any real investigation.

          Conspiracy theories become conspiracy facts when enough evidence piles up to support the theory. Consider this evidence, starting before the election:
          • Comey wrote a letter exonerating Hillary from her very intentional crimes long before she or key witnesses were interviewed.
          • Hillarys key co-conspirators were given immunity, allowed to share attorneys, sit in on each others depositions, and even destroy evidence. This was a sham investigation.
          • Hillarys influence peddling through the Clinton Foundation was effectively swept under the rug. The Clintons enriched themselves by selling future favors, often to foreign entities. The foundation has been called The Biggest Charity Fraud Ever.
          • The Trump-Russia collusion narrative was developed as part of the effort to undermine Trump. It was not started by any actionable intelligence. Spies were placed in the Trump campaign to aid the false narrative and to allow further illicit intelligence gathering.
          • Spying on the Trump campaign was authorized by presenting fraudulent, hearsay evidence to FISA Court judges. This criminal act led to many other criminal acts including rampant unmasking of American citizens associated with Trump. Comey and Rosenstein both played roles in FISA abuse. White House officials did much of the unmasking.
          • On September 28, 2016, Peter Strzok texted Lisa Page that hundreds of thousands of email messages from Anthony Weiners computer had been turned over to the FBI by U.S. Attorneys who were conducting an investigation into Weiners sex crimes. This was a treasure trove of information about Huma and Hillary. The FBI immediately hid the information for a month while they figured out how to whitewash it to protect Hillary. The bomb-control team successfully defused another bomb. Surely, they expected a future reward from President H.R. Clinton.

          Inspector General Horowitzs June report had the goal of soft-peddling criminal behavior. The report said that some unfortunate things were done, but there was no reason to think that bias played a key role in important decisions. It did not find fault with things like granting immunity to the man who lied to the FBI and destroyed Hillarys illegal server. As we have learned, lying to the FBI can be fine, depending on who does the lying. Destroying subpoenaed evidence is okay too, at times.

          Horowitz public statement about his toothless report was followed by FBI Director Christopher Wray telling us not to worry about a thing because he intended to schedule a day when FBI agents would have a meeting to discuss bias. Okay then -- I guess that takes care of it.


          • Originally posted by DavidSF View Post

            Nope, nothing at all. Mueller has said he will delay reporting his "findings" until next week so as not to influence the election: That could mean he has nothing ... or it could mean something else.

            In any case, that was the last "new" development as re: Mueller.
            Turned out that was a lie, too. My guess is, he is now delaying his report until Pelosi takes the gavel.


            • Originally posted by DavidSF View Post

              Turned out that was a lie, too. My guess is, he is now delaying his report until Pelosi takes the gavel.
              MY guess is that it's going to be so bad for the president that even the Republicans in the senate won't be able to turn a blind eye. to his criminality.If by some miracle Donald survives until 1020 I wouldn't rule out a successful primary challenge.


              • Originally posted by redrover View Post

                MY guess is that it's going to be so bad for the president that even the Republicans in the senate won't be able to turn a blind eye. to his criminality.If by some miracle Donald survives until 1020 I wouldn't rule out a successful primary challenge.
                Keep dreaming -


                • Originally posted by redrover View Post

                  MY guess is that it's going to be so bad for the president that even the Republicans in the senate won't be able to turn a blind eye. to his criminality.If by some miracle Donald survives until 1020 I wouldn't rule out a successful primary challenge.
                  Well of course that would be your guess: ANYTHING that shows others hate as much as you do.

                  however, if it really was that bad, that even GOP could not ignore it, he would have brought it out before.


                  • Originally posted by DavidSF View Post

                    Well of course that would be your guess: ANYTHING that shows others hate as much as you do.

                    however, if it really was that bad, that even GOP could not ignore it, he would have brought it out before.
                    Senate Republicans don't care anything about reports or laws. They will only do the right thing when they realize they can't get reelected if they stand by Trump.


                    • Originally posted by redrover View Post

                      Senate Republicans don't care anything about reports or laws. They will only do the right thing when they realize they can't get reelected if they stand by Trump.
                      Strange you would say that about republicans LOL

                      As if democrats are so adamant & caring about our laws LOL

                      Seems to me, right now we're having a big dog-n-pony show about the fact that we haven't enforced our laws on immigration for the last 50 or 100 years !!!

                      Given our long term foolishness, we now have to build a wall on our border with Mexico/Latin America, or face a never-ending invasion.

                      Do we have a country with borders and laws, or do we not ?

                      I don't know, it's hard to tell.

                      Democrats don't WANT us to it seems. They don't want to stop the invasion. They aren't interested in enforcing our immigration laws.

                      Why is that I wonder ????

                      But you say; "Republicans don't care anything about reports or laws." LOL


                      • Put up or shut up !!

                        Dragging this nonsense out for... what ? The presidents entire first term ??... even second term if necessary ?

                        Drag it on, feed the BS to the people, drag it on, play it out ..

                        .. even though it's not about anything more than hate for the president and sorrow that the "chosen one" hilary lost.

                        "Donald Trump's top lawyer Rudy Giuliani said it is "put up or shut up" time for special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.."


                        Donald Trump's top lawyer Rudy Giuliani said it is "put up or shut up" time for special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's 2016 election meddling and potential Trump campaign coordination.

                        "They indicted a bunch of Russians who will never come to the United States, which is what we used to call sort of a 'showboat indictment' when I was a U.S. attorney," former New York City Mayor Giuliani told "The Cats Roundtable" on 970 AM-N.Y. "So, I am challenging them: It's time to put up or shut up. It's time for them to submit a report.

                        "They can do it to the Justice Department. They should allow us to read it, as they promised.

                        "If I'm wrong, I'll apologize, but I know I am not wrong. They don't have, as we would say in New York, a damn thing."

                        Giuliani reiterated to host John Catsimatidis "collusion is not a crime" and Mueller has been hunting to try to tie President Trump's campaign to a "conspiracy to hack" the Democratic National Committee's emails.

                        "It should have been wrapped up probably in May or June that's when they figured out they had no evidence of collusion, no evidence of conspiracy to hack," Giuliani told Catsimatidis. "Collusion is not a crime, by the way. I don't know why they're investigating it by the way. It's not even a crime.

                        "You have to show a conspiracy to hack. They don't have any evidence of that which is the reason they don't submit a report, because they are embarrassed."

                        More than embarrassment of having spent more than a reported $20 million of American taxpayer dollars, Mueller and those tied to the investigation might be on the hook for some criminal liability.

                        "Mueller lost [the Peter Strzok and Lisa Page anti-Trump text messages] the Justice Department said it was a clerical error," Giuliani told Catsimatidis. "Could you imagine if you or I were under investigation and our business records all disappeared by a clerical error? You'd have to come visit me in jail, John.

                        "What they get away with his outrageous. They go after people on little technicalities. This is a big technicality. And it happens to be a very relevant period. They have wiped out all of the text when Strzok said he was going to prevent Trump from being president or get him removed, and Page, his girlfriend, when they were working for Mueller. I think they should be investigated for that."

                        There is a double standard for how those from the Obama administration and the incoming Trump administration have been treated by the Justice Department.

                        [ There IS a double standard. We see this every time with liberals, lies, hypocrisies & double standards ]

                        ". . . It seems to me that they all have immunity. If they are on Hillary's side and they are Democrats, they don't get pursued in the same way that [Trumps people] get pursued."

                        The Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz's investigation FISA court warrant abuse is "doing a good job," but it will not come in time to help those entangled in the Mueller witch hunt, according to Giuliani.

                        "We need these answers right now to show that this is illegitimate. He's doing a good job, by in large, but he's taking a long time to do it."



                        Typical of liberals, doing as they always do; Accusing others of what they're guilty of right now !!

                        Now they say the president is "the MOB," when all along it is THEM.

                        It has been for quite awhile.

                        Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of republitards guilty of the same cover-ups, lies and schemes.

                        They're ALL mad as hell that this man, this non-politician, was elected & has come in and is messing with, exposing their lies, schemes, games & money laundering operations, they really hate that.

                        They're scared. He's exposing them for the dirty rats they are !!



                        Im hearing Trump is running the country like an organized crime person, a friend told me the other night at dinner.

                        This friend is an independent voter-type who was clearly parroting what he has been hearing on networks like CNN and MSNBC.

                        Many conservatives dont listen to these networks, so they miss the narratives being pushed on the public.

                        Millions are brainwashed with such claims
                        , a key reason the country is so divided.

                        In the past, the media have pressed narratives like Trump is crazy or Trump is racist.

                        During this year a new narrative emerged: Trump is an organized crime figure, Don Corleone in the flesh.

                        The media echo chamber drums it on a daily basis.

                        Here, for example, is just one CNN headline: Comey Is Exactly Right About Trump Being Like a Mob Boss.

                        And top-rated CNN host Chris Cuomo says the president has a mob boss mentality.

                        Washington Post commentator Jonathan Capehart, usually fair-minded, started one column: My rule of thumb for months now has been to not think of the Trump White House as a presidency, but to think of it as a crime family like The Godfather and President Trump as a mob boss.

                        His evidence? He cites another Washington Post column making the same claim.

                        The Washington Post apparently likes the narrative. (A Bezos friend asked me recently why the president hates him so much. I told him that Bezos should read his newspaper.)

                        Heres another Post opinion piece published in November: Trump Borrows His Rhetoric and His View of Power from the Mob.

                        So whats evidence for this hysteria?

                        The Post columnist tells us: Trump also admires mobsters no-nonsense language and bias for action; he cites The Godfather and Goodfellas among his favorite movies.

                        The president does like to vent against critics and old enemies.

                        Much of it can be over-the-top. He would rise higher in the polls if he kept such resentments to himself.

                        But thats not Trump. He likes the shtick.

                        Remember that more than half of the senior staff in the White House and the Cabinet have, at one time or another, said critical things about the president.

                        Is this the government of a mafia don?

                        While creating fiction, the media, in their blind hatred, dont share the real Donald Trump.

                        For instance, when U.S. college student Amanda Knox was jailed in Italy on trumped-up murder charges, citizen Donald Trump made her case a cause, taking to the airwaves calling for her release.

                        I know because he talked to me often about the case and urged me to cover it on Newsmax.

                        I sensed he really felt the injustice of it.

                        Hardly behavior of a mafia don.

                        Or what about after 9/11?

                        When most folks in New York were evacuating the city, Trump raced down to the site of the World Trade Center in the aftermath of the attacks.

                        He asked Trump Organization staff to join him and help first responders.

                        As others fled to safety, Trump ran to danger. I talked to people that were at Ground Zero and saw him up close.

                        Is this mobster behavior?

                        In New York City, often when a police officer was shot or killed, Donald Trump was on the phone to NYPD officials, offering to send checks to the families. Big money, too.

                        And he always insisted on no publicity.
                        (I was told this by former New York Police officials.)

                        Somehow I cant see Don Corleone or Henry Hill doing the same for fallen cops.

                        OK, so I give you permission big media. Accuse Trump of many things, but admit he isnt a mafia man.

                        Because if he really was, you wouldnt be talking.



                        • Originally posted by redrover View Post

                          I think Trump will goto the big stall trying to run out the statute of limitation at least on a few of his crimes. I've heard some talk of Mueller issuing a sealed indictment to block that ploy.Of course the could go after him the way they got Nixon as an unindicted coconspirator. Trump's crimes are probably so egregious they are going to want to see him get some hard time.
                          Like what exactly? There's no evidence he did anything wrong? I'd like you to tell me in cold hard facts, not speculation, what EXACTLY?

                          Did the Russians try to influence the US election so Trump would win, hoping he would be more amenable to their foreign policy aims? You betcha! Did Trump and his campaign collude with them? No, it would have been an utterly deniable operation, Vladimir Putin is far too good a spy to ever have let there be direct contact. Really it's filmflam, the most collaboration anyone has seen is Trump's advisors meeting with a Russian lawyer with 'links' to the Kremlin, not even an agent of the Russian government. They met her because she promised 'dirt' on Hilary Clinton and all they have to say is that if they thought she had evidence of criminal wrongdoing by a presidential candidate they had a patriotic duty to listen to her. Why not inform the FBI? Because they had doubts as to the FBI's loyalty and as the Comey affair has proven, they were right to. To say Trump and his campaign had all these links with the Russian government is essentially meaningless, you can't work in international business/politics these days without contacts with the Russians (as Hilary could tell you). You'd have to prove that they acted to the detriment of America and that is tantamount to impossible.
                          Did it actually have any effect? Almost certainly not. Putin didn't force Hilary to tell the people of the rust belt that her environmental policies were going to make them very unhappy and then wonder why they voted against her? Nor did he force her to denounce Trump supporters as 'deplorables', cementing her image as an effete snob who sneered at ordinary Americans (the 'Bill Mahler effect').
                          Lastly I suspect that Putin is actually ruing his support for Trump right now. So far Trump has inflicted swingeing sanctions upon him over the Salisbury affair, launched missiles over Syria, massively increased defence spending and torn up arms limitations treaties. I really doubt Hilary would have done the same.
                          I seriously think all but the most deranged Dems actually ever think there was actually any collusion? They're hoping that the Mueller probe will in the course of its' investigation uncover some other corruption they can use to depose Trump, that by uncovering wrongdoing by his staff they'll eventually be able to flip one and get some real dirt on him to impeach. But it seems highly unlikely, not one of those who've been convicted so far have ever testified to anything on Trump and you'd think if they had it they'd have used it by now.
                          Once again, Dems have got to stop hoping for some miracle to remove Trump, they've got to reform themselves to take him on in 2 years and for that they've got to move back to the centre and stop pandering to those who shout loudest and play the victim card most effectively. Because Ruth Ginsburg isn't going to live forever (the sketch SNL should do is a bunch of Demacrazies wheeling a clearly dead Ginsburg into the Supreme Court and desperately keep trying to convince everyone she's still alive, Weekend at Bernie's style).

                          Also, here's the thing, there's a legal principle called 'fruit of the poisoned tree'. That is that evidence gathered illegally can be excluded in court (the 'Dirty Harry' principle). In this case if the wiretap warrants that gained all the evidence used in the Mueller investigation and prosecutions can be proven to have been unjustified then all evidence gained through them is worthless. But the dossier seems to have been inaccurate, created by those with an anti-Trump bias and paid for by the DNC. The anti-Trump bias from the FBI seems to have been rampant, negating any possibility that Trump will ever be found guilty of 'obstruction of justice' as Bill Clinton was over Comey etc.


                          • Originally posted by redrover View Post

                            Senate Republicans don't care anything about reports or laws. They will only do the right thing when they realize they can't get reelected if they stand by Trump.
                            Really? Look at the midterm results? The Republicans actually INCREASED their majority in the Senate with Trump's support, the Kavanaugh effect, people looked at how the Dems acted over Kavanaugh and knew they'd been right to vote for Trump.


                            • Save it, Rob. Redrover is our resident troll. He doesnt respond to reason and is clearly irrational in his hatred of Trump, conservatism, Mom, and apple pie...

                              one can invariably see the spittle droplets coughing forth as we read his words.


                              • He does have an excuse though.

                                You see liberalism is a mental disorder.

                                A board-certified clinical & forensic psychiatrist explains...


                                ...a veteran psychiatrist making the case that the mental-emotional world of leftists really is tantamount to a mental disorder.

                                Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded, says Dr. Lyle Rossiter, author of the acclaimed book, The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.

                                Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave.

                                Rossiter boasts professional credentials and a life virtually free of activism and links to the vast right-wing conspiracy.

                                For decades he has diagnosed and treated more than 1,500 patients as a board-certified clinical psychiatrist and examined more than 2,700 civil and criminal cases as a board-certified forensic psychiatrist. He received his medical and psychiatric training at the University of Chicago.

                                Rossiter says todays liberalism, as displayed by the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton throughout the previous administration, as well as by todays Democratic Party leaders and they increasingly hysterical mainstream media, can only be understood as a psychological disorder.

                                A social scientist who understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation and moral integrity as liberals do, he says. A political leader who understands human nature will not ignore individual differences in talent, drive, personal appeal and work ethic, and then try to impose economic and social equality on the population as liberals do. And a legislator who understands human nature will not create an environment of rules which over-regulates and over-taxes the nations citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards of the state as liberals do.

                                Dr. Rossiter says the liberal agenda preys on weakness and feelings of inferiority in the population by:
                                • creating and reinforcing perceptions of victimization;
                                • satisfying infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation;
                                • augmenting primitive feelings of envy;
                                • rejecting the sovereignty of the individual, subordinating him to the will of the government.

                                The roots of liberalism and its associated madness can be clearly identified by understanding how children develop from infancy to adulthood and how distorted development produces the irrational beliefs of the liberal mind, he says. When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious.