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Let's send new Immigrants to Washington D.C.

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  • Let's send new Immigrants to Washington D.C.

    Liberal 'immigration' policy, applied by people who are insulated from its effects...

    ... which is why we still have a wide open southern border and are "debating" about a wall.

    What needs to happen is that these wonderful 'immigrants,' -

    - these great experiments in 'diversity' -

    - need to be moved into the neighborhoods of our "leaders" - those who have decided that America needs these immigrants.

    After-all, it is they who have decided this is good for us.

    It's so wonderful, they would want this !!!! They want these people in their neighborhoods !!!...

    RIGHT ???

    Let it be done !!


    Unlike Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, I cannot simply tap my heels together and get back to the imperfect but largely harmless familiarity of home.

    One more part of America has been allocated to another alien population squatters who have been brought here to feed on us and to drive us out. But where do we have left to go? This isnt progress though it is progressive.

    When immigration is talked about on what sneeringly masquerades as news, it is always painted in fatalistic phrases that make it sound like an unstoppable force of nature as though the people surging into America were a swarm of Mexican butterflies or a herd of East African wildebeests that had somehow overwhelmed the TSA.

    This invasion is portrayed as if there were no plan involved at all just some primal urge that arises spontaneously in third-worlders that cant be stopped.

    This is the narrative fashioned for the convenience of the unaffected.

    That they might feel good about themselves while enjoying a little schadenfreude at our expense.

    They do not see the consequences. They see the dream. No one who actually lives here could possibly believe that back in the 1990s a group of impoverished Somali fishermen and goat herders woke up one morning and said to one another:

    I hear there is good fishing in Alum Creek Lake, and abundant grazing in Sharon Woods Metro Park! Lets hop a flight to Ohio and become Americans!

    They did not aspire to be Americans in any remotely meaningful sense of the word. We have seen them, and we are not that stupid.

    The African populations seeded in Columbus, Minneapolis, and many other places did not come here to learn our culture or our values. They were not blown here in some unavoidable freak storm, nor did they wander here in search of missing livestock. They were certainly not brought here centuries ago as hapless and unwilling slaves.

    People from Washington, Boston, San Francisco and New York have sponsored this invasion people who staff committees and think tanks, people who show the residents of the heartland the same loving concern that the Jackson administration showed the Cherokee.

    Call me a racist if you want to I cannot bring myself to care. I saw the buried remains of displaced Indian nations as child. The basic lesson of what migrants do to native populations wasnt lost on me.

    Times change but human nature doesnt. The internet has, to the extent to which the left controls it, hidden the inconvenient contradiction between reality and grand utopian narrative but only if you stay in cyberspace.

    On the internet, yesterdays hostile, crime-ridden slum can become todays rich and vibrant haven of diversity just as any imaginative loser can become a thriving entrepreneur, or any slobbering pervert can become a childs new best friend. This is the magic of wishful thinking. It is the refuge of those who can dream the accepted dream, speak the accepted speech, and live some kind of nervous little life inside the accepted safe space of the well-cultivated neo-Marxist mind. There have always been costs to the buzzing, dizzying circus act that has passed itself off as human progress but our wheels have somehow slipped entirely off the road this time. We are in new, uncharted territory.

    Though not exactly a tourist magnet, the northeastern part of Columbus, Ohio used to be an unpretentious, unremarkable part of America. You could go there if you wanted to. It is now an unofficial colony of Somalia. The business signs, grimy and grey for decades, are now in Arabic. Somali women, grown fat on an American diet doled out by the publics confiscated largesse, waddle along the street in their abysmal burkas. Somali men are something other than Americans with funny accents. Something has gone badly wrong.

    While I can still drive through this part of Columbus, I notice the Americans who used to live there, white and black, are fewer and farther between.

    I notice when I hear on the local news that a refugee has run his car into a group of students at Ohio State, then chased others down the street with a knife while shouting Allahu Akbar! I notice when another migrant, a Muslim from Ghana, enters a restaurant owned by an Israeli and proceeds to hack at the customers with a machete. Americas earlier minorities didnt do these things. This is something new. I may be in Ohio, my dear Toto, but something tells me Im not in my own country anymore. Im in the middle of a pre-industrial, semi-literate, dystopian Islamic theme park.


  • #2
    Send them to Washington DC !!!

    They're the people that have allowed this invasion to continue for decades.

    Now it's getting really gross...

    Importing more diseased "migrants"

    Tuberculosis !

    Great stuff !

    Let the politicians have them AROUND THEM !!!!


    We dont need immigration reform. We need to secure our border and enforce our immigration laws. Why is that so hard?

    After more than two decades of steady decline in active cases of tuberculosis in America, the trend has now reversed.

    Its time for fools to take a bow. Congratulations Marxists and complicit members of the GOP. Your commitment to import large numbers of people from third world countries is really paying off.

    CDC stats from 2017 show that 70% of reported cases of TB in the United States was found among non-U.S.-born individuals. Migrants from Mexico accounted for the largest share.

    For patients who respond to standard treatment, the cost of treating active TB is about $17,000 per person. For those who have drug-resistant strains, the cost is anywhere from $130,000 to $430,000, depending on how resistant the strain is.

    Got that? Taxpayers may shell out nearly half a million dollars to treat one case of a drug-resistant strain of TB.

    Then theres the issue of tracking. After folks develop active disease, tracking them is spotty. So, if they fall off the radar, oh well.

    California, Texas, New York, and Florida (states with the largest number of foreign-born residents) have more than half the active TB cases in the country. And despite California having the largest TB prevention and control program, their infection rate is nearly twice the national average, though that figure is likely higher since about 2.5 million Californians who are infected are unaware they have it.

    In addition, data from just a few years ago in Minnesota showed that 26% of all foreign-born cases of TB were Somalis who came here through the refugee resettlement program and 20% of these colonizers forced upon the good people of Minnesota tested positive for latent TB (latent TB is not contagious, but it can turn into active TB, which is contagious).

    And on and on it goes. The same pattern is seen everywhere. An uptick in TB due in large part to an influx of people from impoverished countries (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). addition to TB, leprosy is making a comeback, as is chicken pox. Were also seeing cases of flesh-eating bacteria. In addition, CDC data documents migrants from Bhutan, Burma, Congo, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and Central America infected with malaria, hepatitis, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, dengue virus, zika virus, and a wide array of intestinal parasites, among others. And thats just communicable diseases that have been reported in those we know about (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

    The impact of this is devastating. Border patrol is on the front-line battling diseases as they contend with sick migrants, most of whom arent vaccinated. Buildings have become infested with scabies. Many of the illegal wannabes showing up with symptoms arent being quarantined. And our resources are being depleted and misdirected.


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      Word around here is, ICE is planning to build a 12,000 (or maybe its only 2000) bed containment center here in IL to house immigrants while their cases wind through immigration court.

      That means it is time to leave Oclock.


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        Originally posted by DavidSF View Post
        Word around here is, ICE is planning to build a 12,000 (or maybe its only 2000) bed containment center here in IL to house immigrants while their cases wind through immigration court.

        That means it is time to leave Oclock.
        They need to house these people in Nancy and Chucks neighborhoods. Or with them IN their homes !

        They're so hell-bent on defending and allowing these "migrants" to come here illegally, let them LIVE WITH THEM THEN !

        It's the right thing to do is it not ?


        • #5
          ... of course it's the right thing to do.

          After-all, these illegal "migrants" seeking "asylum" are wonderful people !

          Yes they are !

          Nancy & Chuck ... ALL DC liberals, republicans, democrats - the whole lot of them - will be more than happy to welcome these people into their neighborhoods & homes !!

          More than happy !!

          After-all, it would be wrong of them to share these illegal "migrants" and "asylum seekers" with the rest of us.

          THEY value these wonderful people MUCH more than we possibly ever could ! ... they're not going to want to share them with US !!!

          They know better ! They know best ! They want the best people with & around THEM !!

          And so, we'll have to miss out .........-frowns-

          Only the elites in D.C. get to share their lives with these great "migrants" and "asylum seekers" !!

          Are we ever going to miss out !!

          There's a LOT of caravans coming our way !! Coming for the benefit of our elites in D.C. ONLY !!!

          They're all going to be so happy ! Are we feeling left out yet ?



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            Originally posted by Captain Trips View Post
            ... of course it's the right thing to do.

            After-all, these illegal "migrants" seeking "asylum" are wonderful people !

            Yes they are !

            Nancy & Chuck ... ALL DC liberals, republicans, democrats - the whole lot of them - will be more than happy to welcome these people into their neighborhoods & homes !!

            More than happy !!

            After-all, it would be wrong of them to share these illegal "migrants" and "asylum seekers" with the rest of us.

            THEY value these wonderful people MUCH more than we possibly ever could ! ... they're not going to want to share them with US !!!

            They know better ! They know best ! They want the best people with & around THEM !!

            And so, we'll have to miss out .........-frowns-

            Only the elites in D.C. get to share their lives with these great "migrants" and "asylum seekers" !!

            Are we ever going to miss out !!

            There's a LOT of caravans coming our way !! Coming for the benefit of our elites in D.C. ONLY !!!

            They're all going to be so happy ! Are we feeling left out yet ?

            What another racist thread o-boy.


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              Originally posted by redrover View Post

              What another racist thread o-boy.
              Illogical and foolish as usual.

              Racism has nothing to do with keeping America safe from invasions.

              ... or is it racist for us to have a military ?

              It must be racist for our politicians to live in protected communities BEHIND WALLS ... with guys with guns keeping them safe if they have to go out in public.

              You don't lock your home and your car do you ? Keep your money visible on a table in your unlocked home because you're "not a racist" RIGHT ??


              You're a racist hater, probably a Nazi even ! Definitely a "white nationalist" ! ... it comes through every time you write something...


              • #8
                Originally posted by redrover View Post

                What another racist thread o-boy.
                As observant as you are intelligent: This thread, which you have just noticed, has been around for three weeks, Braintrust.


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                  Actually, what about Puerto Rico? If all these illegals are a great economic resource, can anyone think of anyplace in our sovereign territory more in need of them?


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Marcus1124 View Post
                    Actually, what about Puerto Rico? If all these illegals are a great economic resource, can anyone think of anyplace in our sovereign territory more in need of them?
                    It needs rebuilt, why NOT ??

                    Puerto Rico would celebrate this yes ??


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by Captain Trips View Post

                      It needs rebuilt, why NOT ??

                      Puerto Rico would celebrate this yes ??
                      And given that the overwhelming majority of non-English speaking illegals DO speak Spanish...where better than Puerto Rico!


                      • #12
                        I have a strange feeling liberals will be against it.

                        Why ?

                        Not sure.

                        Other than the fact that they didn't think of it. Only things THEY dream up... are good ideas you see ?

                        Like sanctuary cities & states . . . that they don't want us to send immigrants to -shrugs-


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                          Sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities and states sounds about right to me.
                          They are the ones that are putting out the welcome mat by declaring themselves to be sanctuary cities and states.
                          Seems rather hard to justify not accepting them.

                          I notice that the Democrats who were fauxraged against this idea have slipped from the news coverage, once this hypocrisy of theirs was observed.


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                            Sending them to where they're wanted !

                            What is wrong with that ?

                            Nothing ! It's happening..


                            President Donald Trump says hes proud to take full credit for the sick idea of sending detained illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities and that the plan is already underway.

                            In a rally in Green Bay, Wis., Saturday night, Trump admitted he came up with the idea to exact revenge on political enemies.

                            Last month alone, 100,000 illegal immigrants arrived at our borders, placing a massive strain on communities and schools and hospitals and public resources like nobodys ever seen before," Trump said

                            "Now were sending many of them to sanctuary cities, thank you very much. Theyre not too happy about it. Im proud to tell you that was actually my sick idea."

                            "Hey, hey, what did they say? We want them," Trump continued. "I say well give em to you, thank you."



                            • #15
                              And yes, these illegal "migrants" SHOULD all be sent to Washington D.C.

                              It is they in D.C. who want them so bad, let them have them !!

                              More fun for all, more drunk drivers, more DUI's, more people killed by intoxicated "migrants," HEY, it's all in good fun !!!

                              Diversity for D.C. !!!


                              COULD I GET THAT ILLEGAL "TO GO"? [ to DC ]

                              As we head into the long Labor Day weekend, here are two tips to make your holiday even more cheerful.

                              First: Remember to watch out for drunk driving illegal aliens!

                              The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued report after report showing that Hispanics are wildly overrepresented in drunk driving accidents (but also contribute so much to our cultural life, musical heritage and landscape!).

                              Or, as the Huffington Post puts it: "Latinos At Greater Risk of Dying From Driving While Intoxicated." They're victims of the drunk driving epidemic! German Concentration Camp Guards At Greater Risk of Dying From Accidental Inhalation of Zyklon B.

                              One NHTSA report elaborated on the inebriated Latino driver problem:

                              "The authors found that some Latino parents actively promoted drinking among their sons as a sign of masculinity or machismo. (A focus group) indicated drinking among Hispanics might be motivated by the need to prove their manhood within the Latino culture: "Everyone thinks they can handle alcohol, especially men." ... "A lot of Hispanics think that way. It's the macho male and the woman gives in to the man. Machismo causes this behavior."

                              The report also stated, "Mexican-American DWI offenders vastly overestimated the number of drinks required to make them unsafe drivers (eight to 10 drinks)."

                              It's unclear if the NHTSA's methodology took into account the effects of Cinco de Mayo.

                              Naturally, it would be outrageous to conclude from this that drunk driving is the national sport of Mexico.

                              However, last year alone, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported 80,730 illegals for drunk driving, the majority of them Mexicans.

                              As the Houston Chronicle delicately put it a few years ago: "Young Hispanic men not getting message about drinking, driving." ... crashing, burning, their ashes being spread across Cuernavaca ...

                              Thanks to its proximity to Mexico, Texas leads the nation in fatal drunk driving accidents, including those involving a blood alcohol content of 0.15 or greater -- nearly double the legal limit. In 2014, young Latinos were responsible for about one-third of all DUI accidents in Houston -- 535 -- though they made up only 8 percent of the population.

                              MSNBC's Lawrence
                              O'Dumbell sneered at President Trump's June 2018 meeting with family members of Americans killed by illegals, saying most of their dead kids were killed in traffic accidents. As if that doesn't count.

                              Why did we have to hear endlessly about O'Donnell's car accident in Tortola a few years ago, which he described as his "brush with death"?

                              Yeah, that must have been rough, some real Brian Williams stuff there. But Don Rosenberg finding out his 25-year-old son had been run over, backed over and then run over again by an illegal alien -- well, that's just a "traffic accident."

                              Our media have no idea who Don Rosenberg is, and no interest in finding out. Their concern for "children" is limited to the ones they can exploit to get their way on illegal immigration. They wail about "children separated from their parents," but it would be a dream come true for the "Angel Mom" parents if their kids were merely separated from them for six months -- or six years! -- if only they could see them again, ever.

                              You know what else is kind of traumatic? Being wedged into the false panel of a truck with a breathing tube before traversing hundreds of miles of rough terrain to make it to the U.S. border. These parents did that to their kids.

                              The New York Times, too, nonchalantly mentioned that the kids of some of the families at Trump's White House meeting "died in car accidents." They just died. Car accidents happen all the time.

                              Yes, traffic accidents can be caused by anyone -- especially a sh*t-faced illegal going 80 miles per hour on a residential street. Internet scams happen all the time, so, let's take in more Nigerians!

                              The point is, these particular drunk drivers never should have been here in the first place.

                              Tricia Taylor didn't die, but the 18-year-old had to have her legs amputated almost to the hip after a drunk driving illegal alien from El Salvador swerved his car onto a sidewalk in Pontiac, Michigan, and rammed her against the wall. It was a miracle that she lived, suffering through multiple surgeries and a lifetime of pain medications. At Jose Carcamo's sentencing, Taylor said, "What you give him won't come close to the sentence he gave me for the rest of my life."

                              D.J. and Wendy Corcoran began 2019 by burying their 22-year-old son, Pierce, senselessly killed when a 44-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, Francisco Eduardo Franco-Cambrany, swerved headfirst across a double yellow line, straight into oncoming traffic. Echoing the media, Alexander De La Espriella tweeted of Pierces horrible death, "Accidents happen, by anyone to anyone ... " -- as quoted in the Knoxville News. At least we didnt have to hear about the great tacos this time.

                              Six-year-old Annie Cumpston was walking hand-in-hand with her mother in 2003, after attending the Ringling Brothers Circus in Baltimore with her family, when a drunk Mexican plowed into the crosswalk, killing the little girl. The intoxicated illegal, Guillermo Diaz-Lopez, fled the scene, dragging a pedestrian on his truck, and was finally apprehended while trying to break through a police barrier.

                              Today, you can visit "Annie's Playground," a beautiful 60,000-square-foot wonderland built in the victim's honor in Fallston, Maryland -- at least until Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris demand its demolition to show their support for undocumented immigrants."

                              Second friendly holiday tip: Always remember -- diversity is a strength!