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Time for the other, more factual side of this story of war and destruction...

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  • Time for the other, more factual side of this story of war and destruction...

    If you listen to MSM, which of course includes FOX, you get a particular propagandized account of what is going on in the Ukraine, in Syria, in Yemen, but you do not get the real story, nor the whole story. And there is a reason for that. Well, here is the rest of the story, and its worth quoting, that is, if anyone is interested in what is actually going on, instead of what our propaganda outlets tell us is going on. Here, read this...

    The Ukraine Case
    We saw this neocon-R2P “chaos promotion” again in Ukraine where neoconservative officials and “liberal interventionist” activists rallied to the cause of the Maidan protesters when they challenged the elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych in late 2013 and early 2014.
    On Feb. 20, 2014, when unidentified snipers killed both police and protesters, the neocons and R2Pers along with the Western media blamed Yanukovych – though he insisted that he had ordered the police NOT to use deadly force – and later studies suggested the snipers were likely working for the anti-Yanukovych side and had fired from locations controlled by the Right Sektor, extremists associated with the Maidan’s neo-Nazi “self-defense” commandant Andriy Parubiy.
    If indeed the sniper attack was a false-flag provocation, it worked, laying the bloody groundwork for the violent overthrow of Yanukovych two days later. Since then, the U.S.-backed regime in Kiev has dragged its feet on the sniper investigation, but independent field reports, including one from the BBC, indicated that the snipers likely were associated with the protesters, not the Yanukovych government. [Another worthwhile documentary on this mystery is “Maidan Massacre.”]
    But the West favored a Ukraine narrative that made the Maidan coup-makers the good guys and Yanukovych’s supporters the bad guys. This was the view not only of neocons, like Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, but prominent R2Pers like New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. In April 2014, he returned to his family’s ancestral home in Karapchiv in western Ukraine to interview some of its residents and presented their views as the true voice of the people.
    Kristof depicted his father’s old home town as an idyllic place where everyone loves the music of Taylor Swift and dreams of their place in a prosperous Europe – if only President Barack Obama would send them weapons to kill Russians (or go “bear-hunting” as Kristof wrote in one column).
    Pretty soon that desired outcome had become a reality. On May 2, 2014, pro-regime neo-Nazis massacred scores of ethnic Russians by the burning down of the Trade Union Building in Odessa. Amid the horror – and reports of graffiti hailing the Galician SS, one of western Ukraine’s contributions to the Nazi war effort – there was little protest from the R2P community or from the West in general. [See’s “Ukraine’s Dr. Strangelove Reality.”]
    Similarly, when Kiev’s coup regime announced its “anti-terrorist operation” to destroy the resistance in eastern Ukraine – and again dispatched neo-Nazi militias to spearhead the killing – the thousands of deaths, mostly among ethnic Russians, were blamed on “Russian aggression” and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The R2Pers showed very little outrage even when the Kiev forces began shelling cities and leveling towns. [See’s “Seeing No Neo-Nazi Militias in Ukraine.”]
    Muted Outrage
    A couple of human rights groups did take note of some outrages. Amnesty International reported abuses committed by Kiev’s far-right Aidar militia against civilians: “Members of the Aidar territorial defence battalion, operating in the north Luhansk region, have been involved in widespread abuses, including abductions, unlawful detention, ill-treatment, theft, extortion, and possible executions. … Some of the abuses committed by members of the Aidar battalion amount to war crimes, for which both the perpetrators and, possibly, the commanders would bear responsibility under national and international law.”
    Human Rights Watch said “Ukrainian government forces used cluster munitions in populated areas in Donetsk city” despite the fact that “the use of cluster munitions in populated areas violates the laws of war due to the indiscriminate nature of the weapon and may amount to war crimes.”
    However, the language in these reports was relatively restrained, possibly because both groups receive large donations from billionaire George Soros, who has sided with the Kiev authorities and is supporting the crushing of the eastern Ukrainian resistance. The human rights complaints also drew scant notice in the mainstream U.S. news media, which has also taken sides against the ethnic Russians and in favor of the Kiev regime.
    So, although more than 5,000 Ukrainians have been killed – the vast majority ethnic Russians in the east – there has been virtual silence among the R2Pers about the responsibility to protect the ethnic Russians. Indeed, when the Russian government has supplied these people with weapons to defend themselves, many “liberal interventionists” have joined with the neocons in condemning Moscow and Putin, fuming about a “Russian invasion.”
    So, it’s apparently okay for the U.S.-backed government in Kiev to engage in the slaughter of an ethnic population in eastern Ukraine – even employing neo-Nazis to do the dirtiest work – with many R2Pers cheering what looks a lot like ethnic cleansing.
    Bombing Yemen
    A similar situation is now playing out in Yemen where a long-running civil war saw Houthi rebels capturing the capital Sanaa and other major cities. President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia seeking protection and encouraging the Saudi royal family to reinstall him.
    The Saudis, citing alleged Iranian support for the Houthis, began a U.S.-backed bombing campaign that has apparently killed hundreds of civilians, prompting Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to denounce the airstrikes as “a crime” and “a genocide.”
    Though the Saudis are undeniably intervening in another nation’s civil war, the Obama administration supports this intervention and doesn’t seem too troubled by the large-scale civilian deaths being inflicted. Instead of restraining the Saudis, the United States is rushing military resupplies and providing logistical and intelligence support.
    Rather than protest this Saudi “invasion,” Secretary of State John Kerry chastised the Iranians for supposedly helping the Houthis. In one of his most clueless and disingenuous remarks – and there is plenty of competition – Kerry told the PBS NewsHour on Wednesday that Washington was “not going to stand by while the region is destabilized.”
    Kerry, of course, was one of the U.S. senators in 2002 to authorize President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, a conflict that not only killed hundreds of thousands of people but gave rise to the hyper-violent “Al-Qaeda in Iraq” which has since morphed into the “Islamic State,” which has spread its particularly savage brand of jihad across the Middle East and into Africa.
    Another major breeder of Mideast destabilization has been the Saudi royal family, which spurred Iraq’s Saddam Hussein to invade Iran in 1980, reviving the ancient Sunni-Shiite rivalries which have escalated to the present day. Elements of the Saudi royal family also supported Saudi Osama bin Laden as he founded and built Al-Qaeda to engage in terrorism against the West. [See’s “The Secret Saudi Ties to Terrorism.”]
    For Kerry to present himself and the Saudis as the protectors of Middle East stability would be laughable if there weren’t so many dead and maimed innocents across the region. [See’s “What’s the Matter with John Kerry?”]
    Kerry also reprised his infamous fact-free-rush-to-judgment style that he used in pushing the United States nearly into a war with Syria over his dubious charge that President Bashar al-Assad’s government was responsible for an Aug. 21, 2013 Sarin attack outside Damascus – and in blaming Russia for the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine on July 17, 2014. In both cases – still unresolved – subsequent information suggested a different conclusion. [See’s “Kerry’s Latest Reckless Rush to Judgment.”]
    Regarding the Saudi bombing of Yemen, Kerry justified the attacks by blaming Iran: “There are obviously supplies that have been coming from Iran. … There are a number of flights, every single week that have been flying in. We trace those flights, and we know this. We are well aware of the support that Iran has been giving to Yemen.”
    Beyond the hypocrisy of Kerry’s protest – given U.S. interference in dozens of civil wars – there is the contrary analysis by many Yemen watchers that – while Iran may have given the Houthis some money and possibly weapons – Tehran exercises very little control over the Houthis who are Zaydi Shia, an offshoot of Shiite Islam considered relatively close to Sunni Islam.
    The Houthis also are not anti-American — and they are anti-Al-Qaeda. They made overtures to the Obama administration, expressing a desire to press ahead with the war against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. But the Saudi intervention, with U.S. support, has damaged the Houthis’ ability to continue that fight and, indeed, has allowed Al-Qaeda to capture more territory and free scores of its imprisoned militants.
    Yet, while this tangle of contradictions and hypocrisies may be expected from the U.S. State Department, one might think that the “principled” R2Pers would hold themselves to a higher standard and denounce the Saudi-led and U.S.-backed slaughter of innocents. But, again, the cries of humanitarian protests have been muffled.
    High-Profile Hypocrite
    Possibly the most high-profile R2P hypocrite is U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, who earned wide acclaim for developing R2P theories and scolding U.S. officials for not stopping the Rwanda genocide in 1994.
    Power even got in trouble in 2002 when she responded to a hypothetical question about the possible need to dispatch U.S. troops to prevent Israel from committing genocide against the Palestinians. In her rambling and convoluted answer, she suggested that a military solution might have to be imposed on Israel:
    “It may mean, more crucially, sacrificing, or investing I think more than sacrificing, literally billions of dollars, not in servicing Israel’s military but actually investing in the new state of Palestine; in investing billions of dollars it would probably take also to support I think what will have to be a mammoth a protection force — not of the old Srebrenica kind or of the Rwanda kind, but a meaningful military presence.
    “Because it seems to me at this stage – and this is true of actual genocides as well and not just major human rights abuses which we’re seeing there – that is that you have to go in as if you’re serious, you have to put something on the line.
    “And unfortunately — imposition of a solution on unwilling parties is dreadful, I mean it’s a terrible thing to do, it’s fundamentally undemocratic — but sadly… you know, we don’t just have a democracy here either, we have a liberal democracy, there are certain sets of principles that guide our policy, or they are meant to anyway, and there it’s essential that some set of principles becomes the benchmark, rather than a deference to people who are fundamentally, politically destined to destroy the lives of their own people.”
    Power also did some of the political calculation involved, saying: “What we need is a willingness to actually put something on the line in the service of helping the situation. And putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import” – an obvious reference to Jewish-American supporters of Israel.
    However, when it became clear that her answer had upset that powerful constituency and thus threatened her future employment in government, she scurried away from it, disavowing her comments to an Israeli journalist.
    Then, in a closed 2011 meeting with 40 Jewish leaders, Power reportedly broke down in tears showing what Rabbi Shmuley Boteach described as “her unabashed display of emotional attachment to the security of the Jewish people.” Boteach is a self-professed supporter of Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.
    In other words, when her career was in danger, she pitched the Palestinian people and their human rights over the side. She also has been a staunch defender of the Kiev regime’s brutal “anti-terrorist operation” against the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, showing little regard for their lives and safety.
    Clearly, Samantha Power and many other R2Pers fashion their responsibility to protect around protecting their own political and financial interests.
    Investigative reporter Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra stories for The Associated Press and Newsweek in the 1980s.

    But of course MSM doesn't employ investigative journalists and have replaced them with News Actors. For that is all that a proper propaganda outlet needs.

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    How to become an "independent journalist" in three easy steps...

    1. Identify a gullible demographic dissatisfied with reality.
    2. Write some articles that cast doubt on reality, "validating" said gullible demographics dissatisfaction.
    3. Profit.

    îä îëéìåú äçãùåú?

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      Originally posted by Blue Doggy View Post
      If you listen to MSM, which of course includes FOX, you get a particular propagandized account of what is going on in the Ukraine, in Syria, in Yemen, but you do not get the real story, nor the whole story. And there is a reason for that. Well, here is the rest of the story, and its worth quoting, that is, if anyone is interested in what is actually going on, instead of what our propaganda outlets tell us is going on. Here, read this...

      But of course MSM doesn't employ investigative journalists and have replaced them with News Actors. For that is all that a proper propaganda outlet needs.

      Typical leftist tripe.

      îä îëéìåú äçãùåú?

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        What something is happening other than Hillary Clinton running for office? Most news outlets are lazy Press release regurgitators. Just have to find out who is crafting the press releases.

        îä îëéìåú äçãùåú?

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          Originally posted by OldmanDan View Post

          Typical leftist tripe.
          Tripe = facts. Inconvenient facts for warmongers, but facts nonetheless.

          And oldman, the article goes after not only neo con policy, but also left wing policy. So calling it leftist tripe shows you knee jerked. And that perhaps, you cannot handle the truth. Hey FOX is calling you, so you need to get back to being fed more propaganda. You know, your comfort food. *chuckle*
          Last edited by Blue Doggy; 04-13-2015, 06:00 AM.

          îä îëéìåú äçãùåú?

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            Here is some more fact, uh, tripe for the oldman. But reality has to be looked at, so take a look...

            Think of it as the American half-century in the Middle East: from August 17, 1953, when a CIA oil coup brought down democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh and installed the Shah as Washington’s man in Tehran, to May 1, 2003, when George W. Bush landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln off the coast of southern California. (The planes from that aircraft carrier had only recently dropped 1.6 million pounds of ordnance on Iraq.) There, standing under a White House-produced banner that read “Mission Accomplished,” the president dramatically announced that “major combat operations in Iraq have ended” and hailed “the arrival of a new era.”
            Today, we know that those combat operations had barely begun. Almost 12 years later, with the Obama administration pursuing a bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State, they have yet to end. On only one thing was President Bush right: with the invasion of Iraq, a new era had indeed been launched. His top officials and their neoconservative allies imagined the moment as the coronation of a new order in the Middle East, the guarantee of another American half-century or more of domination. Iraq, that crucial state in the oil heartlands of the planet, was to be garrisoned for decades (on the “Korea model”); the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad was to be brought to heel; and above all, fundamentalist Iran was to be crushed. That country’s rulers were to find themselves in an ever-tightening geopolitical vise, with American Iraq on one side and American Afghanistan on the other. (A quip of the moment caught the mood of Washington and its high-flown hopes perfectly: “Everyone wants to go to Baghdad. Real men want to go to Tehran.”) The Bush administration would ensure that the great blemish on the American half-century in the region, the reversal of the CIA’s coup by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 and the humiliation of having American diplomats taken hostage for 444 days in Tehran -- would be wiped away. The regime of the Ayatollahs was soon to be history.
            Of course, it all turned out so unimaginably otherwise, leaving us today knee-deep in the chaos of that "new era." Shock and awe, indeed! The American half-century has been swept away as definitively as was the Soviet Cold-War version of the same before it. Someday, the disastrous invasion of Iraq will have its historian and we’ll understand more fully just what that moment really launched, what forces already building in the region it let devastatingly loose. It certainly blew a holein the heart of the Middle East in ways we have yet to come to grips with and prepared the ground, as dynamite does a construction site, for the disintegration of both the European and the American versions of “order” in the region, as well as for the building of we know not what... yet.
            Today, amid remarkable fragmentation, roiling conflict, sectarian struggles, the growth and spread of extremist groups, and the creation of one failed state after another, including Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen, two key energy states still remain in place: Saudi Arabia and Iran. And the Saudis, a repressive Sunni kingdom with a restive Shia minority population whose rulers have used the country’s immense oil wealth to buy social peace, are visibly nervous. Hence, their decision to begin a terror-bombing campaign in disintegrating Yemen, with the threat of a ground invasion (possibly involving Egyptian and other troops) to follow. As the Americans have already shown, far more “precise” bombing than the Saudi air force is capable of has a history of not resolving, or even further stoking, conflicts. Just what kind of blowback the Saudis will experience from their rash decision to strike in Yemen is impossible to know, but it’s not hard to guess that, as with Washington’s drive through “the gates of hell” in Iraq in 2003, it’s unlikely to be whatever that country’s rulers are now imagining.
            Keep in mind that the destabilization of Saudi Arabia in any fashion would be a daunting prospect in the Middle East and, given its key role in oil production, globally as well. As for Iran, like the cheese of nursery rhyme fame, today it stands alone. TomDispatch regular Peter Van Buren (who, as a State Department official, lived through the beginnings of Bush’s “new era” in occupied Iraq) suggests that in the coming years it may prove to be the single cohesive nation in the neighborhood. So, whatever we don’t know about the future of the Middle East, it’s certainly not too early to say, “Mission Accomplished,” and congratulate George W. on his new era. Tom

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              Originally posted by Blue Doggy View Post
              Here is some more fact, uh, tripe for the oldman. But reality has to be looked at, so take a look...

              The mission was to take Sadam out of power. It was accomplished.

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                Originally posted by Blue Doggy View Post

                Tripe = facts. Inconvenient facts for warmongers, but facts nonetheless.

                And oldman, the article goes after not only neo con policy, but also left wing policy. So calling it leftist tripe shows you knee jerked. And that perhaps, you cannot handle the truth. Hey FOX is calling you, so you need to get back to being fed more propaganda. You know, your comfort food. *chuckle*
                So, here is what I would like to ask the author of this piece; and since I am a conservative, maybe you can get him to explain-----------&gt;

                1. Over and over again, we hear about the 1953 "oil coup" where we took over Iran and installed the Shah. Now I find the use of the phrase "oil coup," rather interesting. Why would we take over Iran for their oil when there was Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and quite a few others? There had to be a reason besides the oil, because we always know that (according to those who define them) the Oligarchs always get the biggest bang for their buck. Iran doesn't have any where near the largest oil reserves, so if we are to believe this was an "oil coup," than those who claim these "Oligarchs" are all about the cash, seems they screwed the pooch on this one.

                2. All throughout WWII, the Nazis had sent their people to the Middle East to prepare to eliminate the Jews from the region, long before Israel was even thought off. When Rommel and the Afrika Corp was thrown out of the area, the people that the Nazi's put into power were power. If you haven't noticed, the reason it was so easy for them to get into power was----&gt;they and the Nazi's had a common goal; get rid of the Jews. So then, where would this man say the hot bed of anti-Jewish activity was, or would he need an ignorant conservative like me to tell him-) Remember, this was 1953, 8 years after the war ended. Does that give you a hint!

                3. He is absolutely correct in one thing he has said-----&gt; Iraq was a disaster! (paraphrasing) But why was it a disaster is the question. After giving up blood and treasure to depose Hussein, Obama basically left it to whomever wanted it. Now I ask you---------------&gt;if the people next door are thrown out of their house and all their stuff is left on the lawn, do you think crooks are going to pick it up? Notice, Obama learned his lesson and is doing no such thing with Afghanistan.

                4. The author can talk circles all he wants about what is going on in the Ukraine. The bottomline to America and her allies is---------&gt;The Russian Bear is again expanding while beating its chest. At what point does the author suggest we do something? It is easy to suggest it is this ones fault, or that ones fault, but at no time will they ever utter that if Russia now continues, we will have to respond. And why is that? Because far leftists always appease to avoid war, more so than any neocon claims we must go to war. They can never give a circumstance where they would give an example of what would cause them to suggest any kind of confrontation. And that my friend, is a fact!

                But, as far as Ukraine goes, I am not a politician, but I say--------> "let the Europeans handle it." It is their land and their continent. If they have no fear of losing it, I have no desire for us to help them!

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