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Legalizing "pedophilia"

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    Originally posted by redrover View Post

    Oh you mean like Trump's buddy Jeffrey Epstein and George Nader who in addition to being up to his eyebrows in Russia-gate just got arrested on his way to Mara Lago carrying a bunch of child porn. Nice friend's you have their Trumpy-bear.
    Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficked underage girls, and President Donald Trump's Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta, then a federal prosecutor in Miami, illegally kept details of Epstein's plea deal from victims, a federal judge ruled on Thursday.

    In a 33-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra of Palm Beach County, described how evidence showed that Epsteina multimillionaire hedge fund manager known for his friendships with influential political figures, including former President Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrewpaid employees to obtain minors not only for his own sexual gratification but also for the sexual gratification of others.

    In a series of explosive stories, the Miami Herald documented how, in 2017, federal prosecutors worked with Epstein's lawyers to put together a plea deal that required the financier to plead guilty to two prostitution charges and serve 13 months in prison, despite overwhelming evidence of a widespread pattern of sex trafficking and sexual assault, and 103 Jane Doe victims. The deal ensured Epsteinand his unidentified co-conspiratorsimmunity from federal prosecution.
    The Epstein network reaches further and wider than you let on. Unless the file of unidentified co-conspirators is opened, we may never know just how far and wide it may have reached.


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      Originally posted by redrover View Post

      Oh you mean like Trump's buddy Jeffrey Epstein and George Nader who in addition to being up to his eyebrows in Russia-gate just got arrested on his way to Mara Lago carrying a bunch of child porn. Nice friend's you have their Trumpy-bear.
      Neither man is a known friend or long-time associate of President Trumps

      Neither man could be said to be his "buddy."

      You can say whatever you want though... you usually do ; )


      • #63

        The sexual depravity only gets louder and worse

        No slippery slope



        Already known for articles advising youth how to hide an abortion from their parents and how to engage in anal sex, Teen Vogue magazine has published an op-ed advocating prostitution to its young readers.

        The author of the article, Tlaleng Mofokeng, founder of a group called Nalane for Reproductive Justice, calls for prostitution to be decriminalized and for children to fund public campaigns to decrease stigma, the Gateway Pundit reported.

        The clients who seek sex workers vary, and theyre not just men. The idea of purchasing intimacy and paying for the services can be affirming for many people who need human connection, friendship, and emotional support, Mofokeng writes. Some people may have fantasies and kink preferences that they are able to fulfill with the services of a sex worker.

        A promotion of the article by Teen Vogues Twitter account said: Yes, sex work is real work!

        The Gateway Pundit noted the author is aware the magazine targets a young audience, asking, So, what exactly is sex work?


        Last year, a Teen Vogue article glorifying abortion called for colleges to offer the procedure on campuses. Among the teens speaking out about their abortions was one who wanted the world to know how much relief and joy her ability to get an abortion has brought her.

        Teen Vogue defended its A Guide to Anal Sex by calling concerned parents homophobic, the Gateway Pundit said.

        [ If you don't agree with teaching teenagers and kids about anal sex, you're "homophobic" you see ? That's how the lie works ]

        The backlash to this article is rooted in homophobia, wrote Phillip Picardi, the magazines digital editorial director. Its also laced in arcane delusion about what it means to be a young person today.

        [ Its also laced in arcane delusion about what it means to be a young person today. . . . you see young persons are Ok to teach and encourage sexual activity, prostitution, homosexuality, anal sex abortion, yes all of it. You're a "homophobe" if you disagree. ]


        • #64
          In their own words, they're grooming our children.

          Are you in favor of having your little children groomed by very sick people ?

          This is what it creates;

          "Keegan, 9, lives with his parents and brother in a Christian suburb just outside Austin, Texas. He plays football and video games, and also likes to dress in drag. He usually goes by the pronouns he/his, but his mother Megan describes him as gender creative.'"


          You might ask, Why do you have to keep bringing these subjects up? Why talk about them so much?

          I can answer that in the words of one of my activist friends: Ill stop when they stop.

          When drag queens stop trying to groom our kids, Ill stop.

          Yes, those are the words of a drag queen explaining why he wanted to read to toddlers. To quote him exactly, This is going to be the grooming of the next generation. We are trying to groom the next generation.

          Not on my watch, if I can help it.

          I want to keep him from grooming the next generation to tolerate, let alone celebrate, men dressing as women.

          Sorry, but Ive had it with headlines like this: Nine-year-old drag queen is a hit on Instragram.

          As the story explains, Meet Kween Kee Kee the baby drag queen who is teaching his own teachers a lesson about gender identities.

          "Keegan, 9, lives with his parents and brother in a Christian suburb just outside Austin, Texas. He plays football and video games, and also likes to dress in drag. He usually goes by the pronouns he/his, but his mother Megan describes him as gender creative.'"

          This is not healthy. This is not right. This is not good. No amount of LGBTQ spin can make this normal or positive or praiseworthy.

          I will not get used to these perversions. I will not sit back idly when our children are being used and abused.

          Earlier this month, the Huffington Post ran a story titled, Are Pride Parades Kid-Friendly? Parents Say Children Can Handle The Kink.

          And on a recent TED talk, the speaker closed with, Talk to a kid about sexuality. Teach them about consent. Tell them is it OK for boys to wear dresses. Lets spread radical queer joy.

          Thanks, but no thanks. There are far better things to teach them and far better things to spread.

          ================================================== ==================================

          Normalizing sexual deviance: Kids must be protected

          In a recent opinion piece for Fox News, writer Carol Roth chided the magazine Teen Vogue for surreptitiously endorsing prostitution as a career choice for young women. Earlier this month, the Christian Post featured an article about a mother in Washington state who was physically removed by police from a public library that was hosting a Teen Pride event. The woman reported that she witnessed what amounted to hours of child grooming, with free exhibitor items that included condoms, sex lubricant and bookmarks shaped like penises that carried lewd messages.

          In recent months, weve been treated to a proliferation of news stories addressing the phenomenon of so-called transgender children and drag kids, as well as an increase in the incidence of individuals being prosecuted for crimes related to pedophilia and for the possession of child pornography.

          Some may recall the recent heartbreaking news story about a Noa Pothoven, the 17-year-old girl in the Netherlands who opted for suicide earlier this month after years of mental anguish following repeated rapes as a child. At around the same time, a very telling article surfaced featuring a former Children of God cult member who didnt believe that the late actor River Phoenixs childhood with the sex cult was to blame for his death.

          Leaving aside religious arguments and standards of morality, the central problem here concerning our collective moral deportment is that we as a nation have bought into the fallacious premise that morality in general and sexual morality are not only matters of choice, but that this choice is a personal liberty with which no one has the right to interfere.

          In my column of May 29 in this space, I outlined the methods the political left employed to break down sexual mores and to sexualize children during the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s. These are still very much in play, and the game has escalated.

          We can only surmise that, as with other deviant practices the political left has sought to legitimize and protect, the ostensible choice of children to engage in sex with adults is going to be framed as a right that should not be interfered with and that, ironically, opposing same will make child-hating bigots out of those in opposition.

          In my view, it is time to rally to the defense of our children, the toxic invective of leftists be damned. As I write this, there are already public policy organizations claiming that adult/child sex is not harmful to children and pushing for the normalization of pedophilia.

          { Normalizing pedophilia -


          • #65
            Originally posted by redrover View Post

            I think we have to leave it to guys like judge Roy Moore who has a strong Christian belief in pedophilia, but wants to outlaw homosexuality. It's nice to see all Christians, Catholics and Protestants agree that that homosexuality is bad, but pedophilia is okay. Although I must say that Catholics do come down hard on preists caught dideling little boys say four Hail Mary's.
            Demonstrating the ignorance (or wilfull dishonesty of the left). Not a single accusation against Moore (even if true) could honestly be referred to as pedophilia (creepy, inappropriate, etc., but not pedophilia) which is medically definied as an attraction to pre-pubescent children. Now, Joe Biden has acted creepily (and physically) with prepubescent girls (we have actual video evidence).


            • #66
              We are becoming Sodom ?

              No, we now ARE.

              "The fact that we have thus far acceded to the demands of the left on the topic of sexual morality in the name of tolerance illustrates that we are well on our way down the slippery slope to a fundamentally sick society."

              Wake up, America. It's not about what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms - and it never has been.


              In October 2014, Rutgers law professor Margo Kaplan penned an op-ed for the New York Times contending that pedophiles suffer from a disorder and thence ought not be prosecuted as criminals.

              For those who are old enough to remember, the process of normalizing homosexuality in our society ran the very same course, in that it began with de-stigmatizing said behavior. As I pointed out in last week's column, The American Psychological Association (APA) itself has been forced to backpedal on its sporadic efforts to normalize pedophilia after public outcry and the resistance of some mental-health professionals.

              Here, I believe it is important to address the deportment of the majority - or morally-grounded, conscientious Americans - in this context. The political left has been uncannily successful in driving narratives and re-qualifying normalcy, and this is only because we've allowed them to do so.

              It is nearly impossible for one not to note that the scandal surrounding billionaire Jeffrey Epstein being charged with the sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy comes on the heels of a veritable tsunami of recent news stories highlighting various forms of sexual deviance and misconduct, which are either being advanced or committed, respectively, by those on the left.

              ..the political left is so vigorously pushing this doctrine of evil that it is nearly impossible for the average citizen to escape it.

              In recent months, we've been treated to such news items as 'trans' men molesting girls in ladies' rooms, more and more aspects of sexual deviance being taught in schools, the introduction of bills that would soften criminal penalties for pedophiles and several instances of very high-profile liberals being prosecuted for sex crimes against children. Some of these have been so disturbing that even the establishment press didn't pass on them.

              In the wake of the 2017 Harvey Weinstein scandal and the advent of the MeToo Movement, the public was alerted to the fact that some of the sexual misconduct being perpetrated by Hollywood types was against children, as former child stars came forward to attest to having been serially molested and/or raped by adults in the industry. Inasmuch as Hollywood has designated itself the arbiter of morality and culture in America - and that their dictates are often followed by the mindless - this is particularly troubling.

              In an interview last week, former Disney star Bella Thorne discussed her years of molestation and rape at the hands of adults in the entertainment industry. Thorne's claims are singularly horrifying; she recounts numerous instances of being forced into full-on intercourse from the age of 6, with those around her doing nothing despite possessing full knowledge of what was going on.

              When the LGBTQ lobby began pushing for legitimizing 'gay marriage,' all of the censure within that discussion fell upon the majority who questioned the wisdom of the measure, rather than the miniscule faction that sought to buck a societal convention that has existed for thousands - I repeat, thousands - of years. This not only flies in the face of common sense, but it's completely illogical.

              As a result, we now have political candidates proudly flaunting their deviance, trotting out their same-sex partners during campaign events - and winning elections.

              In the near future, we can expect that those of us who resist the proliferation of gay children and teens, preteen "drag queens" and the normalization of pederasty and pedophilia will be branded by the left as a bunch of big fat meanies for our disapproval.

              It is we who will be accused of seeking to harm these children, rather than that charge falling upon those who wish to serially rape them.

              At this juncture, I must ask: When did we become a society wherein we reflexively capitulated to destructive public policy with nothing but 'accept it or we'll call you names' being the impetus for our yielding to a disgusting and damaging agenda?

              In millennia past, and until very recently in America, most communities would welcome the summary execution of a child rapist. The fact that we have thus far acceded to the demands of the left on the topic of sexual morality in the name of tolerance illustrates that we are well on our way down the slippery slope to a fundamentally sick society.

              The fact that the left can engage in their advocacy for extreme perversion so shamelessly says more about us than it does about them at this point, and what it says isn't good.

              This is what tolerance, as the left qualifies it, has wrought. The sickness described herein represents who the left is, and what they want for all of us.

              Wake up, America. It's not about what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms - and it never has been.



              • #67
                Does it really seem so outrageous ?

                In these days ?

                No, it doesn't. It doesn't at all. Thinking it does, only makes US the fools that will allow it to go forward.

                Because we chose to dismiss it... as we did so many other "outrageous" now accepted perversions

                Our good friend - now dead - Jeffrey Epstein makes the argument that it should be legal

                ... and none of us would want to be called a Pedophobe would we ?

                No, how horrible !! ?


                Pedophiles are next in line to openly plumb the depths of our cultural hedonism. We need to cement long-term cooperation across the ideological spectrum to stem their efforts. Because once these degenerates figure out how to market their filth as oppressed expressions of compassion, with all the foreseeable "alliances" and virtue-signaling, we've lost our children and sold our souls.

                By all accounts, Jeffrey Epstein was an unrepentant sex criminal who maintained (until his suicide by security camera malfunction) that he did nothing wrong. During an interview with the New York Times last year, Epstein described the criminalization of sex with teenage girls as a "cultural aberration." He justified this by noting that such behavior has been acceptable at different times in history and by pointing out that homosexuality is still considered a crime punishable by death in some countries. His claim was that societal sexual mores are completely subjective, differing from one cultural value system to the next, and constantly modifying within each value system.

                In other words: Who are you uppity bourgeois prudes to impose your suffocating morality on me? And why are you so opposed to consensual people loving each other? What are you, some kind of bigot?

                This reasoning isn't new, nor has it been legally unsuccessful.

                It has been used to justify every slackening of sexual morality in recent memory.

                From cheap and widely available contraception to prostitution to abortion on demand to premarital sex to civil unions to redefining marriage and to human-animal marriage (you read that right: it's no longer just for Sudanese progressives), the assertion is that the government should "stay out of the bedroom."

                I am not arguing for or against any of these institutions (I must confess my hamster spouse Ta-Nehisi is quite the pleaser), but only observing that conservatives' counterargument that our society should retain a standard of sexual decency other than "anything goes" has a dismal track record both in the courts and in public opinion.

                The next logical target, currently being implemented, is the sexualization of children.

                There was a time when one could feel confident that America's parents, especially those suburban values voters, would serve as an electoral bulwark against such intrusion. Nowadays, I'm not so sure. The sexualization of our grade- and middle-school children in public schools is deliberately underreported and, if it is exposed (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), receives far less resistance from far too few concerned parents than is necessary to check the encroaching weeds. These incidents are national scandals, equivalent to state-sanctioned child abuse, and deserve vigorous and unrelenting pushback until they get the hint that our children are not their sex experiments.

                When the national debate over the normalization of pedophilia arrives (and, mark my words, it will arrive), it will be categorized under the genre of the "culture war."

                But this term erroneously suggests a power equilibrium. There is no "culture war" any more than there was a war between Nazi Germany and the Principality of Monaco. This is a rout. Every morning, we wake up to realize that the enemy has advanced another 100 miles past us, and we find ourselves even more isolated and surrounded. We are getting categorically annihilated on every single front and have been for our entire lifetimes.

                We have already surrendered every other piece of real estate in this war's theater of operations. Across the West, our kids can get abortions without parental consent (Planned Parenthood is thoughtful enough to provide online guidance to assist in its organ-harvesting operations' er, I mean, defense of women's health). Kids can choose their own sex, and their parents are forced under pain of imprisonment from referring to them by their biological sex. Kids can already have sex with each other and are given the know-how and the free contraception at their schools to do so. Does anyone think our resistance to letting these same kids consensually "love" people in different age brackets is going to hold sway much longer?

                Those defending pedophilia will begin to succeed, slowly at school district here, one court ruling there...which will increase the brazenness of their demands. This chain reaction (all too familiar in the rearview mirror of conservatives' penchant for static trench warfare) will result in the normalization and legalization of their despicable filth.

                There will be sporadic kicking and fussing, with the occasional parental dissent against the local library's hosting of Slumber Parties with Pedophiles and other such "inclusivity"-themed events. The few medical professionals who dare openly discuss the psychological damage that pedophilia causes children will be shunned as outliers and "pedophobes."