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Happy Earth Day

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  • Happy Earth Day

    Is it true that Republicans celebrate Earth Day by dumping their old motor oil into the river and burning old tires? Every one pollution is a hoax

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    It is as true as any of your other political positions or claims.

    Not at all, in other words.


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      Originally posted by MattInFla View Post
      It is as true as any of your other political positions or claims.

      Not at all, in other words.
      All over the world people were marching in support of science. How many republicans participated? Any ?


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        Originally posted by redrover View Post
        All over the world people were marching in support of science. How many republicans participated? Any ?
        Any of them ? Probably ALL of the republitards took part in these parades of stupidity.

        ----------------- would be good if a climate investigation over centuries would be known. Well, Science magazine gave the results of such a study that covered the last 3000 years. It showed that we now are under the mean temperature of the last 3000 years. It also showed that the widely fluctuating mean temperature (based on isotope ratios in the skeletons of marine organisms deposited in the Sargasso Sea) hit peaks five degrees higher than now around 900 B.C. and 400 B.C. and 3 degrees higher than around 100 A.D. There were also lows 2 degrees cooler than now around 100 A.D. and 1700 A.D. Since this last one, the temperature has been steadily rising (a scorching J 2 degrees in the last 300 years). An outcome of these calculations is that:
        human activity could not have been the cause of it (as global warming alarmists claim).

        Global warming and cooling fluctuations are tied to solar activity because the same ones happen on Mars. (Another proof that human activity is not the cause).
        More than 17,000 American scientists have signed a petition opposing the Kyoto treaty.
        Proponents of global warming predicted 20 years ago that in the following 20 years from then there would be a warming increase of between 1 and 2 degrees. Theres been none.
        The fear that global warming would cause floods is not justified because at a warming spike in 1000 A.D. there was no major flooding.

        Much of the above was reported in The Wall Street Journal, Global Warming Is 300-Year-Old News, January 18, 2000, by Arthur Robinson and Noah Robinson, chemists at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, with updates from them in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (2007) 12. 79-90.


        Idiots on parade again, marching around yelling and making fools of themselves.


        Thousands Join March for Science to Fight 'Alternative Facts'

        Thousands of people joined a global March for Science on Saturday with Washington the epicenter of a movement to fight back against what many see as an "assault on facts" by populist politicians.

        [ These clowns have zero interest in science and facts ..... "assault on facts" hmmmm ? Yes, that's interesting. Who is it that likes to squeal loudly that alternative facts are true ? ]

        Hundreds streamed onto the Washington Mall for a festive day of music, speeches and teach-ins by scientists disturbed by the rise of so-called "alternative facts" around crucial issues like climate change following the election of Donald Trump.

        [ neverminding of course that their entire belief system is built on alternative "facts." ]

        "Everything we touch, science has helped us understand better," said Ruth Varner, a biochemist from the University of New Hampshire.

        "We're all busy every day, so if you're not surrounded by scientists talking about this you might forget how important it is to you."

        [ This scientist makes a statement. I wonder what other scientists might say ? .... Of course we're only offered the views of a few "marching zealots" here ]



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          Originally posted by redrover View Post
          Is it true that Republicans celebrate Earth Day by dumping their old motor oil into the river and burning old tires?
          Of course !!! They are followers after-all, just copying their liberal neighbors.

          Originally posted by redrover View Post
          Every one pollution is a hoax
          Of course it is, a republican told me it wasn't LOL

          Then a liberal told me that man caused climate change WAS a hoax - he was drunk & being honest though - the next day he was back to the same story about how we have only decades left to live before earth turns into a fireball.

          People do like to march and rally around any old "cause" don't they ? LOL


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            From one site, we get another question that will be answered within the next 500 years: What factors are involved with accelerated species extinction? Link:
            ...if all 'threatened' species became extinct within a century, and that rate then continued unabated, terrestrial amphibian, bird and mammal extinction would reach Big Five magnitudes in ~240 to 540 years....This emphasises that current extinction rates are higher than those that caused Big Five extinctions in geological time; they could be severe enough to carry extinction magnitudes to the Big Five benchmark in as little as three centuries.

            Now, given the massive disinterest by most humans in extinction, coupled with the dominant "solution" proposed by those in power, I see a solution to the dilemma. Keeping endangered species in zoos does nothing to keep biological equilibrium in play. IOW, factors that a species contributes to the overall environment are mostly neutralized when kept in a cage. Noting human capacity to invent solutions based entirely on artificial technology, despite reality, leads me to conclude that there will be a solution if another massive extinction event takes place, which is mostly caused by the actions of humanity:
            -The elites will live in a can (or series of cans) orbiting our solar system and,
            -The rest of humanity will either go extinct with the other 70-90% of Earth's species, or we will reduce our numbers to a population that can accommodate reduced resources brought about by mass extinction. Observing the current state of affairs, a population of humans that is roughly 10% of our current level is possible, made up mostly of survivalists, current hunter-gatherers, and successful subsistence farmers. Scavenging massive, abandoned urban zones should allow a scientific community to continue on a smaller scale.

            The deniers on the right -who claim that mankind is incapable of harming an indestructible ecosystem- will make their contribution by destroying support for the current population growth objectives, which are clearly unsustainable.

            Deniers on the left -who wish to control human settlement (but not population levels) with the objective of protecting every species that has a chance of surviving- will make their contribution too. They will destroy the concept of "master-management", that humans can successfully "enhance" or protect ecosystems despite our own population level.

            The best way to help ecosystems is to minimize our impact on them. Leave them alone, and "harvest" resources on occasion, for use by small groups of people. It guarantees a source of raw materials in perpetuity, since the demand is limited while the supply is continuously replenished and mostly used for the benefit of the ecosystem (rather than people).

            Thank you, short-sighted righties and lefties. It looks like a bright future by this tree-hugger's estimation.


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              Originally posted by redrover View Post
              Is it true that Republicans celebrate Earth Day by dumping their old motor oil into the river and burning old tires? Every one pollution is a hoax
              Reminder: Earth Day Co-Founder Killed and Composted His Girlfriend


              Must have been a Republican.


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                Originally posted by OldmanDan View Post
                Reminder: Earth Day Co-Founder Killed and Composted His Girlfriend


                Must have been a Republican.
                Don't forget that Nixon started the EPA along with all those burdensome regulations that keep America from being great. Fortunately we now have a president who is a friend to big pollution.


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                  Originally posted by redrover View Post

                  Don't forget that Nixon started the EPA along with all those burdensome regulations that keep America from being great. Fortunately we now have a president who is a friend to big pollution.
                  At least not an enemy of business.


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                    Originally posted by OldmanDan View Post

                    At least not an enemy of business.
                    Certainly not an enemy of his business. Conflict of interest anyone?


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                      bill nye the something guy.

                      He has a big mouth & obviously has zero interest in science. Like liberals everywhere. Such noise they make . . .

                      ... about nothing. Earth day ... really a bad excuse to party and make noise and promote B.S. LOL Fun fun fun. Dumb, but fun. I guess.


                      ....if someone as ill-informed as Bill Nye can be called a scientist in this matter then the bar is set pretty low. The fields are ripe for harvest.

                      The Science Guy seems to think that the U.S. continuing to agree with the falsity of global warming is somehow going to help America stay current. He finds it possible for the United States to grow in science and international respect by supporting a false claim. This he says openly by declaring that the U.S. will fall behind other countries that do invest in science, that do invest in basic research. Well, since this research has proven to be as fake as the rear ends of modern pop stars, it can only be a good thing for America to expose the lie and again the lead the world in true, fact based science. That means admitting that global warming is a hoax, as the President has wisely noted.

                      The best thing that those of us who are sick of paying taxes for a scam can do is support people like Princetons Happer and those who speak out. Not until we let everyone know the facts will enough people rise up and refuse to keep paying.

                      One of the ways that harmful and/or fraudulent ideas take root in a society is by indoctrinating the children. When the Germans wanted to find a way to get good children to kill Jews, they fed lies into the schools and within the youth groups in order to sell them as less than human. North Korea has a leadership that teaches their people that their dictator is a god who does not use the restroom, to show another example. They grow into adults knowing this. Fake indoctrination is happening in the U.S, as well, and nowhere is it more clearly seen than in the area of climate change and the lie of man made global warming. While our cars and SUVs are definitely giving us cancer, man is NOT warming the planet by any of his actions, no matter how often the lie to the contrary is told.

                      While real science is showing time and time again that the Al Gore crowd of warming cultists are as incorrect as they can possibly be, science show favorite Bill Nye is still out and about defending the disproven notion at every chance given. Considering that his fame comes in large part due to this appeal to children (he is The Science Guy on kids shows), this means that fake science being fed to our kids as fact, just like in North Korea. While Earth Day was being celebrated (though almost NO ONE knows of anyone who even remembered it nor cared to) by the left who uses a lie to fleece taxes and halt economic growth, the GOP is at least fighting back finally. The facts have long been on their side and as they were being presented on CNN, Nye attacked the channel for giving equal say to deniers.

                      The left claims to have facts about climate change, but when studies are done by people not funded by them, these facts most often prove that mankind isnt warming the planet at all. The progressives have taken to trying to silence the opposition since those opposing them can easily prove them wrong! So-called deniers are just pointing out a lie, much like they would be doing if they denied that man can live under water like a fish or fly like Superman. While Trump once quipped that global warming was a Chinese lie created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive, he was not too far removed from the truth. After all, the left never addresses how China producing energy and selling it to the U.S. warms the planet less than if America produces it. Does the Earth only warm if America drills/produces/manufactures?

                      CNNs Victor Blackwell on Sunday had a number of guests on his show, including the well-respected Princeton University William Happer who has disproved this lie countless times. With credentials such as Princeton, the assumption that climate change is settled fact goes out the proverbial window. This is one reason why the left hates fair say being given to those with real facts and why they fight it with such force.

                      As much I love CNN, you are doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic, and not 97 or 98 scientists or engineers concerned about climate change, said Nye. He is purposefully overlooking the fact that most of those who buy into the lie are only doing so on raw data that they hide and to obtain more funding. This is a reality that the left never mentions nor addresses. If there are known liars in the system, just because they may be the majority due to funding, why should anyone listen to skewed data masquerading as fact?

                      Happer was not about to be intimidated by the childhood celebrity and said that, contrary to what Nye would like to suggest, he had met with President Trump. Happer reports that the White House is very supportive of science. The simple truth of the matter is that the science is proving those like Nye incorrect. A Blasting News article consulted for this piece uses the analogy of evolution as a different proven fact that the right denies, but that isnt true, either. Almost everyone agrees with micro-evolution theory (changes within a species, like the changing of the Peppered Moths colors to adjust to pollution) but many dispute macro-evolution (a fish becoming a man) because there is no proof of it ever having happened. This is a regular lie used by the left to attack those who support real science.



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                        Bill Nye is a comedian with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has no formal training in any of the pure sciences.


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                          It's only a matter of choosing your alternative scientists. The ones who make you feel better, not like those guys who claim your grandfather was a fish.


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                            Originally posted by radcentr View Post
                            It's only a matter of choosing your alternative scientists. The ones who make you feel better, not like those guys who claim your grandfather was a fish.
                            And that's just the rub today. There should be not political opinion about scientific facts but there is. Just like the Supreme Court, there should be no political opinion about the law but there is. Ideologues are allowed to invade science and law to the detriment of the country and the world. Hardly anything the global warming alarmists have claimed over the last 30 years has come to fruition and yet they continue with their blind belief that it eventually will.


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                              Originally posted by OldmanDan View Post

                              And that's just the rub today. There should be not political opinion about scientific facts but there is. Just like the Supreme Court, there should be no political opinion about the law but there is. Ideologues are allowed to invade science and law to the detriment of the country and the world. Hardly anything the global warming alarmists have claimed over the last 30 years has come to fruition and yet they continue with their blind belief that it eventually will.
                              30 years ago weren't these confused folks telling us about the coming ice age ?

                              Now it's the opposite.

                              One has to wonder what it will be next ?