The new ne0-conservative experiment in Kansas has taken a new twist: Secrecy in Legislation. It seems that some legislation is presented anonymously. Link:

The House adopted the rules in a 116-7 vote after sorting through several amendments, with many failing to attract majority support. Democrats sought unsuccessfully to end the practice of anonymous bill introductions, arguing it would increase transparency.

Amendments to eliminate so-called “pay go” requirements also fell short. Pay go requires lawmakers to off-set new spending proposed during House budget debates with equivalent reductions elsewhere.
-No need to respond to pesky constituents whining about that bill one co-sponsored, because they won't know who put their name on it. Sheer genius.

Next up, Kansas will adopt anonymous targets in their legislation. Kansas citizens and organizations will only find out if they are breaking a law after they are charged with a crime. This will generate a large revenue stream for the state, without raising taxes. Even more "geniuser".