I'm about to look back at the previous administration. If you have nothing intelligent to contribute, please feel free to scroll on by: You won't hurt my feelings at all.

This is a list, to the best of my memory (including coaxing), of Obama's accomplishments. In this environment of Trump hysteria and derangement, I would like to know which of the following you consider Obama's greatest achievements:
  • Allowed men in women's bathrooms;
  • Gave our enemy, Iran, billions of dollars;
  • Failed to secure the Mexican border;
  • Passed on the Keystone Pipeline;
  • The Bowe Bergdahl prisoner "swap."
  • $20+ Trillion in debt;
  • Vast expansion of government, including gov't programs;
  • Encouraged racial divisions to an all-time high (at least since the 60's)
  • Disrespect for LEO
  • Failed Economic "Stimulus" plan;
  • Dramatically increased cost of health care;
  • Disregarded the U.S. Constitution;
  • Failed to stop housing foreclosures;
  • Failed to curb college expense increases;
  • Greatly increased number of families on Food Stamps;
  • Denied, and diminished, American exceptionalism;
  • No ... or weak vetting of immigrants and refugees;
  • Lied to the American Public about ACA and its costs...

Any others I missed?

Which is your favorite?